Stumbling on writings from long ago…

Wow, what a beautiful day. This is the first Saturday I’ve had off in five weeks so there was no rush to go anywhere or do anything. I awoke to a mini blizzard (that unfortunately Archie had to drive in, as he had to work 🙁 ) that evolved into a snow-globe-esc gentle falling of white winter adornment. Lovely.

We did need to run out and about, but took our time, never hurried. We actually met up with Taylor Cook and went out for pizza (we rarely eat out, so that was truly delightful) and then eased our way to various shops for much needed groceries. I was amazed.

I am a people watcher. It is quite fun and you can learn so much. Our family has given scenarios to families in disagreements in stores or what someone might be thinking as they are studying a given item. I learn a lot about myself. I want to be careful of how others may perceive me by the expressions on my face by watching the expressions on the faces of those around me.

My “motto” in life has been,”I learn something new everyday, the day I don’t will be the day I die.” Today’s lesson was a reiteration of a lesson learned long ago: A gift you can always give a stranger that will nearly always be genuinely appreciated and reciprocated is….a smile.

I fall short in giving those away as freely as I should. I get caught up in my lists and responsibilities. I focus on myself so much more than I should. That smile or picking up that item that the toddler hurled across the isle for that poor frenzied mom is a blessing I have missed time and again as I have to “keep moving—must stay on task.” How sad for me.

We then came home to 10 or so inches of snow in the driveway. Yeah! We get to shovel!!!! I have been “blessed” with an extra vertebra in my back. For a couple of years I was in intense pain on and off and thanks to a wonderful chiropractor who was at wits end and sent me to our family doctor. He sent me to a physical therapist, who put me in traction (loved it and asked if I could take the machine home…..ahhh), then lots of therapy……I can now shovel snow. I love shoveling snow. I am so grateful I am physically able to shovel snow. God is so gracious.

I am learning that we value something so much more if we loose it for a while. How sad it is that we have to wait to learn that lesson. Those are my lessons for the day. I hope you all take the time to smile at people. I hope you enjoy the snow, for those of you in the north. I hope you know what a blessing you all are to me. Have a wonderful evening!

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