I’m “A People!”

Romans 10:12 “Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.”

“Love one another,” is so easy to say, but sometimes so hard to do.

Last week was an eventful week. Not only did Eric reach his 90 days at Miller Brothers but yesterday was Valentine’s Day.

Eric was sharing with me that when he first started his job and was getting used to where everything was, he would see people with dread. He said when he saw them approaching, his self talk was, “What if I don’t know where it is? What if I don’t know what it is? What if I look foolish?“

With the Valentine’s Day focus on love, we got into the discussion of his new view of love. He’s been focusing intently on trying to understand what love truly is but even more, how to show it. He confessed he previously viewed love as what he was getting from the giving. That is an expect love and is bound to be filled with disappointment and pain when no one can read another’s mind or meet every expectation. He said he didn’t know there was any other way to love. This is the man I married, unbeknownst to me. Wow has he changed!

We went through some amazing marriage counseling and then Eric has been on a personal journey—we both are. He gave me the ok to share his growth—he feels it and I see it.

Eric‘s goal is to be so filled with God’s love that it has no place to go but out towards others. The counter part of that is that if love is rushing out, the negative reactions/moods/whatever can’t get through the force of the rushing love, penetrating to affect his mood or reactions. In so doing, his attitude isn’t based on the best that another person has to offer. Does he always nail this? Do any of us? He said now that he recognizes that, the next step in his journey is consistency. Again, the change is amazing!

Now he actually looks forward to people walking into “the yard.“ He laughingly says, “Now when I see them I think, ‘Yay! It’s a people!’” What was so sweet is that right after he said that he got quiet. He looked at me and said, “You know, I’m not always the nicest to you. I’m sorry. You’re “a people” too.”

Awwwe, he melted my heart❤️.

I think he’s right. Sometimes it’s easier to treat the “peoples” outside of our lives better than the ones who see us when we’re tired, grouchy, basically not the best version of ourselves. It’s good to keep in mind that our family are “peoples,” too and need to be loved with brotherly love even more than the “peoples” outside the walls of our house.

I also see first hand how the “filling up to pour out” works waaaay better than trying to do it in your own power. His personal time with Heavenly Dad is not only changing his heart, teaching him to love, but opening healing conversations with broken people in “the yard.“

Every day I asked Eric, “How was your day?“ and it’s always the same answer: “It’s another good day.“

May you have, “another good day“ with the “peoples” inside and outside of the walls of your house. Until next time: blessings!

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