Hills and Valleys

Proverbs 19:22a “What is desired in a man is steadfast love,”

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas on the horizon, I sit quietly and reflect on the empty house of Thanksgiving. Thank you Covid-19 for canceling the once a year get together with extended family and the many family we will not see for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

What this reminded me of was Pastor Dave from NMC and Rick Warren. They say we are either on the brink of, in the midst of or coming out of a valley or struggle. Interesting and very true.

On the other hand, what if we flip it?

What if:

We are either on the brink of, in the middle of or coming out of a brilliant blessing…?

What if:

We are on the brink of BEING a blessing, in the middle of blessing someone else, or just coming out of being a blessing to or blessing someone else…?

Where are you at today?

Let’s BE love, not just talk about and/or wish for it.

Many blessings and talk to you soon!

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