He Calls Me By Name

Isaiah 43:1 “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!“

Happy Tuesday dear friend. If it’s not Tuesday when you’re reading this, it will be soon. Actually, writing that reminds me that the only thing we have control over is how we choose to react when something happens to us. This brings me to Eric and my conversation yesterday.

If you’ve been with me long enough you know my morning routine: coffee, quiet time, coffee, workout, coffee, shower, coffee and getting breakfast stuff going, well, and coffee. I basically just sip all morning. A couple of times a week Eric and I do try to work out together.

Eric’s schedule, otherwise, is slightly different. A bit of quiet time, then work out, then quiet time, prayer, shower, grab breakfast, and out the door he goes. In there are precious moments. Between the quiet time and the workout he usually comes and checks on me.

For a while I think he was checking my blood pressure, LOL. “Are they at it again?” I would then proceed to complain about how the Israelites turned away from God for the umpteenth time. “How could they not believe/obey in God when He was a cloud in front of them during the day or a pillar of fire by night?! Erg!!! We have to have faith without seeing but they could see and choose not to believe!!!”

Maybe he was checking on me to make sure I wasn’t having a coronary. Anyway, he grins, gives me a kiss and goes off to work out. After his prayer time, as he passes me making breakfast, I often say, “What was your nugget?” That’s where yesterday’s nugget matched up with Heavenly Dad and my conversation.

His nugget (a reminder), “I need to make sure I’m not focusing on what I’m not allowed to do in my relationship with God versus what I’m supposed to do/or can do.” I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Can you imagine driving a car with the goal of not hitting the guard rails? What if at the age of 16 you sat behind the wheel and your parents said, “OK, push on the gas. Don’t go over the white lines on either side of the road. Don’t cross over the yellow line in the middle of the road. Don’t go through stop signs. Don’t go through red lights and try your darndest not to go through yellow lights. Don’t hit pedestrians crossing the road. Don’t go too fast. Don’t go too slow. Don’t break on railroad tracks and don’t go through blinking lights at railroad crossings.

Are you feeling excited about learning to drive?

What if it was presented as it was intended? “Driving is freedom to travel to new places, experience incredible opportunities, and expand your horizons! You can meet new people, taste different foods, listen to music written in ways you never imagined! In order to keep you and the world around you safe there’s just a few rules you need to learn… .

How do you feel about driving now?

Eric and I were chatting about why it’s important to focus on living the life God created for us instead of us focusing on all of the “thou shall nots.”

In Thursday night Bible study, Eric and I are learning about, “kingdom living.” We are children of God and with that have great purpose. We need to focus on the identity we have in Him as children of the Almighty, His heirs. Though humble in spirit, we should hold our heads high. We are chosen! He calls us by name. We were His before we were not.

How does this apply? He is our Dad. He loves us and wants us to be here. We are not accidents of nature. We were planned/designed/created in His image! He wants to hang out with us and spend time. He wants us to praise and worship Him but wants us to tell Him what we need and want. Is this relationship always pretty? Mine’s not.

Confession: when I’m anxious and alone I talk out loud to God. It’s not always the most respectful, I might add. The other day I was just frustrated beyond belief and I was pouring out my soul to Him. I cried out loudly, “Why can’t you just give me…“ and then it hit me, “… peace.” With that one word He did. He didn’t fix the problems I was facing or remove temptations. He gave me a peace to deal with all of them. He fixed me. He helped me realize what I needed, gave me the word to say and then honored my request. I am learning to walk through this rough situation with my hand in His, so I’ll have some experience under my belt for the next bit of rough terrain. Is it fun? No. Do I need it? Evidently I do. Do I trust it’s going to work out in the end? Absolutely.

Does any of this make sense? This is just what He gave me, so I’m passing it on to you. You can take it in and chew on it or throw it away. I bet it would taste pretty good with coffee, everything does.

Until next time your friends: blessings!

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