What I Think I Know…?

“For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away.” 1 Corinthians 13:9-10

Hmmmmm, clink, clink, hmmmmm, the dryer hums as it goes about it’s bi-daily task. The pitter patter of little fury paws following me echoes through the kitchen but screech to a halt as I make my way down the two stairs to the laundry room. Stairs for elderly pups have to be weighed carefully: “How much attention am I really going to get if I follow her down the stairs?” Smart bet, not a lot, if I’m doing laundry.

At the top of the stairs they stand, tails wagging uncontrollably, anxiously waiting for me to finish. When the chore is complete they do their cutesy mini-dachshund happy dance, 11 pounds each, busting a move. I laugh as I reach over and scratch their backs and their tummy’s hit the floor.

This morning I noticed Max’s raven cheeks are getting a snow-kissed glow thanks to father time’s aging fur color. My fury baby boy isn’t a baby any more and his once bright eyes now appear dimmer due to a milky haze. This reminds me that his cataracts are part of the stair equation and that makes me extra grateful for his energy level.

After a few guilty looks, I relent. Into the living room for a little mother furry sons cuddle time. Dash bounds up onto the sofa with little effort, but usually has to catch his breath after. The attack last year affected his lungs but forgot to tell his brain the limitations. Then Max, oh, sweet Max. The sofa is what cued us in to his need for a restricted diet. After several up to the plates, with his jumping ending in head slams, it was time to lighten his load. A month or two later he wound up, jumped and onto the couch he happily descended. He was happy and I was happy as it made my guilt for limiting his intake purposeful.

I was reading over the two verses today, and wasn’t sure what Heavenly Dad was talking to me about. When that happens I tend to get up and walk around, just kind of pondering on the truth that He is trying to reveal. I’m thick skulled. It was during my rounds, that my boys created this memory for me. Every moment…is a memory.

“I know impart” is chalked full of truth. I remember the answers I thought I had when I was a teenager, 20s, 30s, and even early 40s. I understand now I could never see the full picture. I viewed everything from the lens of life experience, which was limited at the time, and information found in books, magazines, and the internet.

“We prophesy in part:” I have learned prophesying is speaking what you know is going happen in the future. Without a shadow of a doubt I can say, “It is going to rain,” because it will—someday. Though I believe God gives some people the gift to say much more important and prophetic things, I’m just using rain as an easy example. The “in part” reminds me that future facts don’t always mean a full picture.

The rest of this passage, “but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away,” is the reassurance of when Jesus returns. He is the only “Perfect,” and at that time I will fully understand EVERYTHING!

I have this imaginary, “Box of questions to ask God,” someday. The box continues to get fuller but I try not to open or dwell on the contents of that box. ”Do I trust Him or don’t I?” rings through my head each time I have my hands on the lid to revisit a pain (and sometimes I fail).

This verse reminds me that “ but when the perfect comes,”every thing I need to know, will be revealed.

Next time I’m hoping Heavenly Dad and I talk about being a Grandma!!! So until then: Blessings!

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