Are We Up or Down?

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Today is a quiet day. Currently, I am sitting in an almost dark room with just a box light casting shadows on the ceiling. The pups are resting in their bed in the kitchen, Eric is asleep on the couch. The hum and slosh of the washing machine with the occasional sound of a car on the wet road outside, breaks the silence.

I shared with you that Eric and I are switching our priorities. As I’m sitting in the stillness I’m reflecting on where we were to where we are on our journey to Love and getting things “right,”( or at least better as there is always room for growth). We’re taking a Time Secrets class from DJ. The number one rule is: God first. Eric and I thought we were doing just that but when we took a magnifying glass to our schedule, we found that we were only giving Heavenly Dad what was left. That means if we are running late guess what or whose time got cut short…? Oops!

It was weird when we first had the realization: we saw an area we were failing in so thought about doubling our efforts. It was then we compared the current amount of time for that project to what was set aside for God. We found God’s time was not even close. How were we going to double time on a non-eternal project when our current excuse was: “We don’t have time to spend with God.” In all honesty, we weren’t MAKING time for God.

Both of our jaws dropped when we realized how out of balance our lives really were. We have been lying to ourselves about our focus and priorities.

Time to revamp! We are now at about two weeks into giving our first of the morning to God and not cutting Him short. Other things we thought were important have had to be set aside. We are trusting and having faith that God is going to bless us in our small efforts and multiply them as only He can. Why am I bringing this up?

In my time alone with him today, I had a revelation. I usually start with listening to my devotion, then music, maybe another devotional or a reading plan through my Bible app, and then pray. That’s been my regular time with God. Yesterday I started a new adventure, taking on the challenge to read through his Guidebook. I’ve started and stopped about a million times (give or take) over the years but never finished. The goal: ONE year! I’m probably going to be lucky if I get through it in five, just being honest, but this time it isn’t about starting and then getting to the finish line. I want to know Him better, try to understand why He wrote what He did and put it in perspective of how I can apply it to my life. I’m finally wrapping my mind around the fact that it’s His letter to ME!

The program is six days on and then one day to catch up. Again knowing me, I’m probably going to be catching up a lot ;-). Today’s passage was 1 John 1:1 which says “In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.“ That was another reassurance that “The Word“ that I was reading is Him speaking to me. His word is personal, because it IS HIM and since I’m the one reading it, He is speaking to me.

This reading program is awesome because it doesn’t just start at Genesis and go straight to Revelation. It jumps to different parts of the Bible, which I love, because some parts are like reading a dictionary, very factual with birth order facts and such. The next portion that I read really spoke to my heart.

In Psalms it says He touches the mountains and they smoke. He set the boundaries for the oceans they don’t go past – that one just blew me away. It says the moon has a purpose because it was created to regulate our seasons. The sun was created to set time–wow! How could anyone think a big bang brought all of these integral fragments of this world together by accident?!?! How could there not be a designer who put all of these perfect pieces in place?

I’m gonna butterfly off for a minute, because it’s me. I was reading in the Bible about the mountain and that took me back to Sunday’s message. They were saying that we all have mountaintop experiences, meaning massively awesome things that happen or a “high” like no other. They also said we have valleys in our life when we feel like we will never see the sun again and things will always be dark.

For the first time I heard the facts about the valleys: it’s there that water flows down from the mountains and the soil is the richest. In the valleys we grow and find our nourishment. The mountain is high, we can see for miles and the accomplishment to get there is exhilarating! The air is also thin and there is no food because nothing grows on the icy capped rock. We can’t stay on a mountaintop and be happy. We actually need the valleys! Our Creator knew this. How to survive in the valleys-that is for another day.

Reeling myself back in: Today I sit in awe of my Creator, the Beginning and the End. Am I on a mountain high? No, maybe somewhere between the mountaintop and a deep valley. The question is: am I on my way up or down? Only Heavenly Dad knows. Where are you?

Praying for you dear friend. Until next time: Blessings!

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