Snip-it Into Love

John 15:12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

If I truly believed that verse, what would my life look like? What would your life look like? I stopped to ponder this. The truth behind the meaning was not what I originally had in mind.

When I Initially saw this verse my first thought was, “Oh! We’re gonna love on everybody, everybody’s gonna be happy, let’s just have a group hug.” The reality of the Bible then hit.

John 4:1-42 Is the story of the woman at the well. When she said she didn’t have a husband, Jesus said she was right. He pointed out that she had had five husbands and the man she was currently with was not her husband. Jesus went on to explain everlasting water. It’s a good read.

My point is, however, he didn’t condone all of that. He didn’t say it was OK that she had had the five husbands neither did he focus on them. He told her what she needed and what was available: living water. Love without condemnation.

Because of this interaction she went and shared her story with others in her town. Many believed and went to the well to see Jesus for themselves. Soon many more Samaritans came to know Jesus and believed, explaining it wasn’t because of her. They heard and believed for themselves.

Luke 29:1-10 is the story of Zacchaeus. AFTER Zacchaeus admitted his sin and said how he was going to make it right, Jesus said,”Salvation has come to this house.” He didn’t condemn (why condemn someone who is repentant?) or dwell on his past. He spoke of his current situation: salvation.

This was my first snip-it into the love of Jesus: love was not holding onto or focusing on the mistakes or poor choices of their past. Instead He recognized where their heart was that day and shared with them what a future with Heavenly Dad would hold: purpose, love, and forgiveness.

So if that is the outline of how beginning to show love like Jesus would look like, what would be the next step? Following the woman at the well, I should tell my story. Thinking about it, have I been for the last four years? If not, will I? Maybe I should ask…will you?

Until next time, praying for you, dear friends: Blessings!

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