Target to Mirror

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.   Hebrews 12:1

“Surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.” I guess that’s how I feel when I’m at the Dani Johnson seminar. The crazy thing is, they don’t all believe in Heavenly Dad.

As Eric and I were listening to Dani Johnson‘s marriage reset, one thing stood out the most: her unique relationship with her hubby. It was her description of the way they interact, or maybe more accurately REACT to each other, that mesmerized me.

She sounds and appears to be an impenetrable resilient character. When her husband comes into the conversation, however, a reverent submissiveness envelops her. Though she is a strong, Strong, ultra strong personality, her husband is a gale force of his own.

Listening made me realize how this mighty, sapphire personalitied (yes, I made that up) male honored his wife. She confessed her mistreatment: being angry, degrading, throwing emasculating verbal darts and punches to purposefully assault him.

Thankfully, as a martial artist he learned to use a person’s energy, redirecting it back to or against his opponent. That’s what he did for Dani.

She would hurl judgments, negativity, evil words, just plain old nasties in his direction. Instead of absorbing it or becoming defensive and lashing back, he would stand his ground. He would use words to reflect back the condemnation spilling from her self built thrown of ego. He would not attack back but show her what she was doing and who she was being—not the best version of herself.

In my mind I pictured Dani seeing her husband as a giant target with red and white circular stripes. Every missile was strategically planned, as she was aiming for his heart. The goal was to hit the target with one zinger and bring him to his knees. Instead, he ripped off the stripes, replacing it with the mirror. As she would use the power of her electrical oral meteors as a force to destroy, he would reflect them back to the cannon from which they came. This resulted in blasting off the ego masked in judgement and condemnation.
Through his firm but gentle redirection in love, she saw her attack for what it was. The armor melted along with her cold and wounded heart.

Through the situations she described, I learned the hurling of projectile was based on her interpretation. Her perceptions were often based on past experiences, grief and pain, not the present reality.

Heavenly Dad blessed each of us with our own set of eyes and the coordinating heart to decipher their view. I need to accept that another’s vantage point is just that…theirs. I can’t impose my view and meaning of a situation on anyone else. That puts myself on the throne and I’m not God. I don’t want to be God, so why do I feel like I have the right to act like Him?

Simplifying this so I can wrap my mind around it: I judge people and/or situations based on what I see with eyes and a heart that are mine alone. My relationships will be the best if I allow and trust God to do His job. I need to embrace the eyes and heart he gave me, work on myself, and let God speak to them.

I think that’s plenty for me to chew on for now. I am praying for you dear friends .

Until next time: blessings

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  1. This gifted writer amazes me each writing I read-such insight with a gift to put adequate and exquisite words together!! Such a joy to read any journal entry! Did I indicate AMAZING?👍👍👍😍😍

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