Grimace: It’s Supper Time

Psalms 23:5a “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”

When I read this passage in the past, I kind of skipped over the part, “you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” I wonder why Heavenly Dad added that (just letting my mind meander).

This time when I read it my mind went to,”Wow! That would be the most uncomfortable meal EVER. Have YOU ever had to eat a meal with people you know dislike or hate you? Sometimes I didn’t do anything wrong or if I did offend, I don’t or haven’t had the opportunity to make it right (at least for the moment). Awkward! Could you enjoy the meal once it is served, as eyes are shooting invisible darts at you from across the table?

HD sometimes reigns a bunch of meanderings into an actual point or “ah, ha!” moment. Let’s see what He has up His sleeve for this one.

I was sharing this bunny trail with Eric. I was expressing how odd it seemed to slap this thought or verse in the middle of the Psalm, next referencing anointing our heads(for kings or for healing???) Yikes! More questions for later reflection.

With vocalizing these thoughts came a realization: we have all experienced this. Have you ever had something wonderful happen to you or accomplished something you never dreamed but knew someone or a group of people would not be happy for you? You almost hate to tell them or for them to even find out. You know the accomplishment will be down played, ridiculed or ignored, even when being congratulated openly by others. The crazy part of that example is that THOSE people are often the ones we want to “prove” ourselves: value, worth…significance. What then?

Is that why the next part of the verse is,”He anoints my head with oil,”? Since our Heavenly Dad is THE King of Kings and Lord of Lords, maybe that reference is that we are worthy to be the princes and princesses. It doesn’t or shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Next, ” my cup overflows.” Maybe if we remember who we really are, sons and daughters of The Most High King, and not focus on earthly flawed, imperfect people with personal agendas, our joy can be so full that it pours onto everything and everyone around us. Now, if I can just focus on the important instead of the immediate… . “Dad?”

Speaking of focus, we have a story we are working on about an eclair from Michigan or something like that, right?

The meet-n-greet-turned-to-eight-hour-date paved the way for a,”I think we should start dating,” from us both😉. The next question would be,” How do two people who live 2+ hours away date? Eric made that one easy: “I’m coming to see you next weekend.” AAaaand this is where my loving daughter and her hubby get involved.

Since Eric often worked into the evening, we made arrangements for me to sleep at my kiddos house and he could crash in my upstairs extra room. I definitely wouldn’t suggest this for everyone, as if I had anything of value, he could have robbed me blind.

There was one tiny problem with this time in my life, I had home projects out the wahzoo. Eric’s solution: “I’ll help!” Our second meeting, first date, was spent on home repairs, chatting all the while and him going to church with me. Before he left, our second hug (obligatory hug usually followed a meet-n-greet, I really disliked those) and this time I didn’t even wince! The more we did together the more we had to talk about.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Eric became aware of my “work mode,” not his favorite side of me. I learned I need to be less factual as I appear to be cold and unfeeling. So, working alone I developed unhealthy communication. Who knew? Eric.

We can also safely say that Eric and I were learning how to work through not agreeing and unintentionally hurting each other. Some might call it fighting, lol. When, in the end, we both feel like we understood the other better, it’s gives the term a completely different connotation, don’t you think?

Eric gave me permission to say this: he definitely had a divorce mindset. He would unintentionally hurt me and then say,”Can you listen to my side?” Being married for 27 years, I hadn’t had a side to myself just that long. That was like speaking a foreign language to me. I shared with him my “heart check.”

When one of us hurt the other, we could pause and ask the question,”Did they really want to hurt me?” The answer is ALWAYS a resounding,”No!” That gives enough time to stop the reaction and allow grace, as we, ourselves, will need it later.

When I look back, I wonder why we didn’t just walk away from each other. It would have been easier as there was no commitment and we barely knew one another. Second date: check.

Besides, what would Taylor think of this guy? Let’s face it, if she didn’t approve, no dude or almost stranger should or would strain our mother/daughter relationship. Time to sit at the table and see if there were darts of enemy fire or smiles and laughter of allies. Basically, it was time for an introduction. But that is for another day.

Until next time: Blessings!

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