Circling for a Better View

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

“Make my paths straight…” Do you feel like your path goes in circles?

Mine does. It’s not always bad, though, because sometimes I have to review things to get a better perspective of where I’m at or where I’m going. This is exactly what happened on March 28 of this year. On Facebook a memory popped up with this conversation that I had with Taylor and Archie. It was a reminder of how Heavenly Dad has used the “widow” tool for the last 3+ years. On the same day three years later came the devotional from Shauna. She stated that my “position“ or “tool” may or may not be temporary. I need to focus on not inviting or bringing evil into my tool box or the situations in life where Heavenly Dad has opened the door for me to shine His light. When I read through these two memories from the same day, years apart, I am humbled how the Great Designer strategically placed His (what we view as) puzzle pieces. By seeing the two together, I get a better indication of the bigger picture. Now the question: do you see it, too?

March 28, 2014

Thoughts for today….

Yesterday Taylor Cook (Eicher) and I were discussing why negative things/physical aliments either happen or why God doesn’t heal everyone who asks.

Today at lunch while chatting with Arch the subject came up again. These were some of our thoughts…what are yours?

What if God came to you, like actually came to your door, and said He had something extremely important to talk about with you. He said there is this tool He has to reach those that are hurting, feel betrayed, are lost, or are hopeless. He shares His intense desire to comfort and give peace but He needs you. 

Wow! God needs me! What could I possibly have that God could use? Why did He come to MY door? What could possibly make me that special?

God continues: He explains, this tool is vital to His work. People are hurting and He wants to comfort and encourage them with the use of this tool. You can see the pain in His face when He speaks of the discomfort in the world, but His brow softens and His face is peaceful as He shares the hope and reassurance the world is about to experience with your help and reliance on Him.

My heart palpitates! Help others in need? Give hope?!!!! Me?

He warns that there will be pain and sacrifice on my part. Change that….GREAT pain and sacrifice. 

….what would you say?

The truth is the tool is unique to each one of use, what is yours? 

Is your tool cancer? Can you relate to an unbeliever in a way that someone not going through it just couldn’t understand?

Is your tool sympathy? Have you grieved the loss of a child…a parent…a spouse…best friend? Can you cry with someone because you genuinely feel their pain?

Is your tool diabetes? Can you give encouragement to those that are just beginning this journey and express that God loves them just the way they are? Can you explain,with empathy, God has created them for a purpose and this disease is not a punishment, it’s a purpose?

Is your tool depression? “WHAT? That CANNOT be a tool!” I yell…ever so reverently, of course…. . Yes, He explains. Can you teach and model complete dependency…moment, by moment, by sometimes agonizing moment, on Him? Can you can give the weight of the world to God and trust that He is big enough to carry it, even if that means giving it to Him over and over and over again?

Sometimes I feel so helpless in a world full of pain and suffering. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself because of my shortcomings and physical limitations. 

What if….what if I took the focus off of me…? What if I looked for someone else who is at the beginning of a difficult journey that I just finished? What if I got up enough nerve to seek out someone who successfully completed a journey that has stopped me dead in my tracks.

What is my tool?

On February 12, 2016, it was becoming a widow.

March 28, 2017

Words from Shauna, a writer for Wisdom Hunters:

“There are times in life when we don’t get to choose the roles we play and a natural first result is to wonder how we can get out of it.

 Even though it’s a natural to response, one better is to ask, “What redemptive role does God want me to play in this story?”

When we acknowledge that God is the Author of our stories, we are able to see that He has a plan for our lives. And, we also see that He may want to use us in a way we had never even imagined. . .in a way that will bring Him glory.

Of course, God doesn’t call us to stay in every role. But during those times when He does, and in those roles where there is no way out, God wants to do something good, because He is always doing something good—and He may want to use us to play an important role in His good plan. Our job is to cooperate with Him and not bring evil into His story by cooperating with the devil.”

There was absolutely no way out of my situation.

Looking back or circling around, I see how things could have happened so differently AFTER the tool was entrusted to me. One: I could have chosen a much easier path than the Cat House. Oh! The amazing blessings, miracles and people that were revealed to walk with me when I felt abandoned. I will always be humbled and never fully understand the incredible mercy those individuals showed to an undeserving widow.

Two: I could have remained in my safe house of sorrow and not looked for others to care for. My tool was grieving a lose: My heart was tender for the kiddos in “Divorce Care for Kids.” I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with and shared the path I walked years ago with raw and hurting kids.

Three: Later, with a bit of spring in my step, I was overflowing with Heavenly Dad’s amazing love and grace. I was blessed to teach 85+ kids the books of the Bible with motions—too fun!

My tools are changing but so is the tool box—the Cat House is nearing completion, Taylor got married and now I have a son (Whoot, Whoot) and Heavenly Dad has blessed me with my best friend, Eric.

I pray that I am using the tools entrusted to me effectively and that I will see and understand the ones on their way. I guess circling just gave me a more complete view and even more to be grateful for😊

Until next time: Blessings!

2 thoughts on “Circling for a Better View

  1. Thank you!!

    I have discovered that I have many tools to offer. Maybe too many. My tool box is so full that I can’t find what tool I need. I guess I am saying that my tools are so disorganized and thrown in the tool box hoping I never have to use them again.

    So reading your blog today I have discovered that other people can use these tools!!!….I need to have a “garage sale!!!!” People love tools right?!?!

    Bottom line is I need to use these tools not for myself, because when I am the only one using them (thinking of only me) it can be extremely useless and not why they were given to me in the first place. HE HAS A PLAN FOR US ALL, A PERFECT PLAN. Share your tools 🙂

    Thank you, onajourney4home

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