Psalm 25:5 “Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.”

An interesting situation happened on the way to work in 2014… . When it popped up in my Facebook memories I wanted to share it with all of you:

On the way to work this morning the wind was horrible and causing whiteout conditions, especially in open areas. 

Ten minutes from our house is a curve in the road in front of a tiny airport that still has 4.5-5 ft drifts. Just as I reached the curve a car pulled out, their back-end swerving. I eased my speed, readying myself for the ominous whiteout looming. The car in front of me arrived first and immediately began breaking and veering left, then right, unable to navigate this stretch of the road. Finally, they stopped—in the middle of the road! There was no way around them. 

The cars began to line up behind me and we were all just stuck behind this terrified driver.  I felt terrible, for them, but concerned for all of us following. I had hung back, so I began driving to the right and the car got enough nerve to follow my lights and actually pulled off to the shoulder (or where the right shoulder should have been). I drove around them and watched as the car sat frozen at the side of the road and traffic passed. It was soo sad. 

They needed to just drive through it! It was a short stretch and safety was only a couple of hundred feet away, but fear had paralyzed them and they were…stuck…trapped…by fear. They could have gotten back on the road and followed my taillights, I drive that road everyday and know the curve, like the back of my hand, but they couldn’t trust what or who they didn’t know.

Time for a self-evaluation: When do I get stuck in a situation because I cannot see how things are going to turn out so I just….stop. I have fear: of the unknown, failure, rejection, embarrassment, to name a few. Am I willing to reach out for help or counseling to the “unknown,” someone who has been in the situation or seen the situation, make the choice to pull back onto the road, and trust that safety is just ahead, and I will get through it? How often do I see people seemingly “go around” me when it’s actually my own fault for pulling myself off the road? Life seems unfair, but in all reality I am the one tipping the scale and not in my favor. Hmmmmmm…… .

These were my ponderings for today.

Time to “reset” a line of thinking or two, 5 years later.

Until next time: Blessings!

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