“Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.” (1 John 5:21, NLT)

Rattle, rattle, clink, swish, murrrr murrrrr, boom, thump, murrrr murrrrr…thanks for joining me at the Starbucks   by the sea.

It’s time to get my head in the game at work, in life, and my walk with Heavenly Dad. What does that looks like? First Steps, one at a time, with Dani Johnson, in Orlando. I haven’t been to this event in almost two years and I am anticipating a mental whooping.

I feel like I have been in survival mode for so long I wonder if there really is such a thing a a “normal” life. I yearn for some semblance of order in my crazy life of chaos. Outside of laying everything on the table in front of Heavenly Dad for Him to sort out, I have no idea where to even begin. In my mind I run home, bust through the door where HD is sitting at the Turquoise table, humming.

“Dad! I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off foreeeeever! Ok, so maybe not that long, but seriously, is it always going to be like this?”

Dad grins, pulls out a chair and invites me to sit down. I do but am staring at Him in anticipation, waiting for His answer. He reaches over, pours a cup of coffee and slides it in my direction. Hmmm…I’m happy to receive a cup of Heavenly coffee you understand, but this more than likely means it’s not going to be a quick answer. Crap. (Oh, come on, you feel the same way, too, sometimes. Maybe you just think you’re going to be struck by lightening if you admit it.)

Dad pulls out a tablet and pen, sits them in front of me and asks me to make columns. I’m supposed to write what areas of my life I want want to be “normal.” In the next column, I am to give my definition of what “normal” is. Crap, crap…this is going to take a while.

“I don’t suppose ‘everything’ is an acceptable answer, is it?”

He gives me “the parent look,” I sigh and start drawing my lines for columns. Where to start?


Definition of normal: I don’t know what to write! Is there a “normal-normal” and is this for widows? Singles? Parents of married children? “Dad! THIS is the problem!!! I don’t know what the answer is! What is normal?!?!

I’m already frustrated. He quietly smiles and points to column #2.


Definition of normal: Wait, wait….I know my job isn’t normal, but I LOVE it that way. I don’t want normal in the category. Can I do that?

He winks and points me to column #3.

Social life

Definition of normal: Getting together socially with people who either know me or have the desire to get to know me to talk, do activities and eat, ultimately, become “family,” by choice.

I look up and He has a weird look on His face. In a low tone He asks,”Is that actually ‘normal’ or a desire of your heart?”

Busted. I really don’t know of very many people who have that as a normal. I guess that would mean it’s a desire of my heart. Sigh. I slump in my chair.

Heavenly slides the paper pad away from me and turns the page. He takes a minute or two and writes something on page two, closes the tablet and slides it back to me. I stare at the tablet curious, excited but slightly scared.

I lift the tablet, open the cover, ignore the first page of my scratchings, and quickly turn the page to see what His answer is:

“Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s (MY) place in your hearts. (1 John 5:21, NLT)

My Beloved Tracy,

You want all the answers now but you are like no other. No one else’s “normal” will fully satisfy you.

The topic missing from your list is OUR relationship. I know you realize OUR’s is anything but “normal” and that is the only area of your life that you feel complete. Keep Me FIRST, trust  me with the rest and we will write the definitions together.

Let’s begin with a first step: pack you bags, take this tablet, go to First Steps and pay attention. I have included special messages just for you, so write them down. Meet me back here when your task is complete and we’ll see if we can begin filling in, not only some definitions, but topics for other areas in your life. Precious One, I created everyone to shine and you have lost your sparkle. Don’t worry, we will find it together.

I love you,


With that, my coffee is done brewing and the clock reminds me that’s there is a schedule to keep.

To be continued…

Until next time: Blessings!

One thought on ““Normal”

  1. What AMAZING insight- THANK YOU!!! It seems I’m endlessly getting lost in my To Do lists and the common chaos of everyday life. Thus I frequently fear sitting down lest harsh criticism or admonishment await me, but, instead, He is always waiting calmly, soothingly beckoning me just to come and rest – to let Him do the heavy lifting and just TRUST. Praise God in Heaven and our Prince of Peace. ❤️

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