I’m All Yolked Up

Matthew 11:29-30 “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Good morning friends :o). Happy Friday Eve, aka Thursday (but why not put a positive spin on it, aye?)

A crazy thing happened this week when doing my morning routine. Let me do a morning rundown: alarm, glasses on (stinks getting old, lol), time with Heavenly Dad (my morning nugget/starting point comes in at 4:43 am—LOVE IT!!!), shower/dress/hair-not a long process working with what I’ve been given, coffee going, warm up vehicle, pups out to potty, gather gear and gooooo!

Yesterday, however, when I took the leash off of Dash, a  spring went flying and the pieces and parts of the clasp kurplunked to the floor. I sighed, realizing the leash had lasted around 13 years. I was also grateful it hadn’t broken moments before or my morning would have included, “screaming in mom-panicked voice for Dash to come home as he explores neighborhood and dog mom wakes the entire town of Nappanee.” Whew!

In reality, I probably would have looked at the situation, after the fact of course, as ”throw it into the pile with the rest of my to-do list,” which has been very long for sometime. I have been running full throttle for a bit now, burning my candle at both ends, as they say. What does that look like?

-A hard crash and burn on Sundays-my God appointed day of rest-with naps and/or 12 hours nights of sleep.

A WHA-HOO: One HUGE project is nearing completion (I’m so excited!!)and hopefully by the first of the year my life will regain some sort of normalcy—what does that look like again?? With all of these necessary life sacrifices, I am finding it difficult to focus on rest and what  that looks like. The “crash and burn” on Sundays is just a survival tactic not what I want as a way of life.

Someone asked me last weekend if I won’t be happy unless I have a project. Living on adrenaline and coated almonds for supper is not exactly the dream life I envisioned, but I’m not sure how to put on the breaks.

Heavenly Dad, obviously,  has the answer so I have been waiting all week for His “big reveal,” as to the answer for that question. This morning this verse came through and I had to peek over my shoulder to see if the message was for  the person standing in line behind me waiting for answers. When I looked forward again I realized the message was for me. What?

”Isn’t that an awful lot like the leash that broke yesterday?” I quickly pointed out.

”Leashes protect you from heading into danger and wasting energy running into areas you don’t belong, but no, that’s not what I had in mind. Focus on My words.” He honed my view.

”Yolk, got it. But Daaaaad! The yolk is heeeeavy!” I whine.

“Not if we are carrying it together.” He said gently.

”But the yolk is so restrictive!” I point out ever so factually.

”You mean it keeps you close to Me?” He asked, as I gulped quietly.

”It will slow my roll, Father…” and as I said those words I felt tears welling in my eyes as He, knowing my innermost thoughts said,

”And that’s what you’ve asked for, my precious daughter: rest. Do you trust me?”

With wet checks,”I do.”

He picked up the yolk, put His head in first to absorb all of the weight, then invited me to choose to join Him on the other side.

My journey begins.

Four days before Christmas. I am wrapping up one HUGE, 7 month project with HD’s help, by the first of the year. At that time there are  events that have been clinking into place where my life could look very different. How? I’m not going to think about it. I’m staying close to my Master to learn: “step and step. Tuuuurn   to the right, forward, step, step…” and someday I hope I learn to dance!

Until next time: Blessings!



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