Cocoon or Butterfly?

Luke 10:2 “And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

This week I experienced first hand someone who put on their invisible grubby clothes and set out, completely unintentionally, to labor for the harvest.

Have you seen the stories of the outcast, the wall flower that stands alone, the invisible one, who someone unexpectedly notices? Not only do they notice but choose to speak life into them, though the leper-feeling individual’s eyes are boring a whole through the floor boards. As the knightly Noticer continues to speak blessings to the Ugly Duckly, unsightly scales begin falling off their physique. Moles, growths and tumors disappear and by then end of the encounter, beauty is beheld: soft, smooth skin and hair, a straight posture, and clear eyes making eye contact, with gratitude, followed by tears of joy and a smile?

I witnessed this with an individual so low, I had no idea where to start. They were hopeless, alone, and empty.  All of this was apparent through slumped shoulders, slow skooching feet, and down trodden eyes. Then their was the laborer… .

Sunday in church we were taught about people, plain and simple. We were reminded that we are all here for a purpose: to lead others to Heavenly Dad, but we need to be aware of the circumstances surrounding the individuals He brings into our lives. They can’t hear the message from our lips if their minds or bodies are mentally or physically lacking with needs that we are equipped to meet—first.

Maybe we think Heavenly Dad is sending us out on “a mission” but then, when we are in the field, knee deep in the muck of someone’s life, things change to, “His mission.”

This is what I witnessed as a gentleman from Ohio unknowingly came beside brokenness, and called out unrecognized beauty, a kind spirit and wished a blessing. With clinks and  clatter you could almost hear and see the chains fall from the person in bondage like a butterfly struggling to emerge from the cocoon. Though the needed words were spoken, the bound individual had a choice to make: accept the words as truth or discard them as pity.

The man left. It took hours for truth to seep to the core. By the end of my experience with them, truth had not only been accepted but joy in the place of despair. They had been noticed, validated, encouraged and set free with simple words of affirmation. Only then could they be open to hear why it happened in the first place, Heavenly Dad’s love.

Physical needs/meeting people where they are at and putting my agenda aside: I’m still a work in process.

Until next time: Blessings!


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