2 King 4:2b “Tell me, what do you have in the house?” And she said, “Your maidservant has nothing in the house but a jar of oil.”

An almost empty jar of oil that saved two lives and set a widow on the road to financial freedom…that’s all.

If someone asked you,”What’s in your house?” Could YOU sum it up in a sentence or two? I couldn’t. I still haven’t unpacked but am living life, which means I more than likely have too much stuff. My answer would have to be,”How much time do you have?” Or maybe,”Did you want that in an itemized spreadsheet, double spaced, highlighted and with asterisks?”

When I heard this story my mind went searching through every room of her home, bare to the bone. I wonder if she had to sell the very last chair to keep one of her boys from being taken by a creditor?

She was a widow, do you think her bills were from her hubby being sick? How long had they only had oil and flour in the house? When was the last time they ate a full meal? Can you imagine a family sitting on the floor where their table USED to be, staring at each other with the realization that there was NOTHING left to sell? That might be the very last meal the family would eat together. This was a heartbreaking but real possibility. One that, only by the grace of God, didn’t happen to me. Yes…I think about that


Last night my feelings were all jumbled together. Happy, sad, disappointed, scared, ignored, grateful, all of them rushing over me like a tidal wave, crashing, stealing the wind from my lungs. I gasped for air just before the next white crest released, sending my feelings spinning out of control again. Over and over until I wanted to run, but didn’t know where to go.

The Cat House came with a tiny stoop, a little overhang, but plenty of starry sky at which to gaze. The twinkling night lights seemed to beckon my troubled soul. Making my self a steaming cup of decaf, I obeyed Heavenly Dad’s pull to put aside my extremely long”todo” list—without guilt—and meet  Him on the porch.

At times, my city street can be loud and busy with darting cars, folks walking and barking dogs. That was not the case tonight. With Heavenly Dad controlling the volume, peace and quiet met me there, as well.

What pushed me to the edge was a conversation with a dear friend/customer. She has been battling a fever of 102 for about a year now and they can’t figure out why. Earlier this week I left early from work for a dental appt and she couldn’t reach me. She said,  in her excruciatingly painful message, that she just needed to hear my voice.

When I called her back she said she had been sitting on the end of her bed that night wondering if suicide was the answer…. it was hard to hear and I told her I loved her, God was listening and I’d be praying for her.

I will continue to walk with her through the battle with the unknown. Heartfelt is our meeting point and place of commonality in taking our focus off of the “unknown” and concentrating on “what we have in our houses” that we can use to edify, encourage and share love with those around us. With all honesty, she and my craft rooms are both in shambles, but we continue to collect. We know/trust our opportunity to make the world a more beautiful place, one project at a time, will one day return.

We laugh, cry, and  talk as we collect our crafting gear, preparing for a brighter future—there is hope. By the time we hung up, her soul was singing as she said she knows,”the Big Guy” is listening and she ought to speak with Him more often. She felt better and BOY HOWDY did  I, but that takes me to tonight… .

Sitting beneath the starry vastness I felt so small and insignificant. Each of those sparkles above was strategically placed by Heavenly Dad for a specific reason and purpose. How could one little person, sitting on a porch in the dark, in an insignificant town, really matter when the heavens have spinning worlds that are held in place by His command? With coffee in hand, praise and worship music whispering from my earbud, tears running down my cheeks, I momentarily embraced: I am as important to Him as the heavens. I don’t need to worry about what to say to hurting people because He will give me the words to say, when they needed to be said—it’s my job not to get in His way.

Just as the position of the planets has been orchestrated, so has my place of employment. The individuals with whom I am blessed to meet are there by Divine appointment. With blurry vision, Heavenly Dad reminds me not to take any for granted.

One more random realization: Unlike the widow woman in the Instructions book, my house is full of “stuff,” but there is nothing I can sell to bring back the ones that I have loved. A house can be so full that it swallows up the constant echo of emptiness no one but the occupant hears. THAT is what Heavenly Dad is currently working on in my life. He nudged me to make others aware so they will look for the lonely  around them. Amazing people shouldn’t have to rely on wonderful crafting companies to remind them they are important and loved.

Until next time: Blessings!


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