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1 Kings 11:9-10”Solomon, because his heart had turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice 10 and had commanded him concerning this thing, that he should not go after other gods. But he did not keep what the Lord commanded.

Remember last week I was begging Heavenly Dad for meat and potatoes? This week I visited Siloam and as soon as these verses were read I knew the steak had hit the table.

I will say that this week was different than last. Last week I was at a scrapping retreat and was on a mission to complete my thank you cards for those that helped with the Cat House. I had been working on and off for 6 months on them and felt an urgency to get those handed out. Seven hours of sleep in two days probably doesn’t set the stage for prime communication with the common man, let alone Heavenly Dad.

This week I left the church knowing the feast was set before me and it was up to me to take the time to savor every bit or make it a “grab and go,” again missing the full lesson HD had laid before me.

Before you think I went home and spent my afternoon locked in a closet—no—I prepared my heart and mind throughout the day, not condensing “God time” into some capsule or appointment on a daily planner. I purposefully chose to leave the TV off and turn on praise and worship music in it’s place. Since I am alone, I often use the sound of the television as my “white noise,” not always paying attention to words spoken but at least there are voices instead of silence in this house. Some of you can relate.

Today instead of negativity pouring into my subconscious, praise and thanksgiving were being sung over me. Giving the pups a bath, the music seemed to sooth all involved. Taking my walk, the music challenged my reasoning and prepared me. I was ready and looking forward to picking up my notebook, phone with Bible app, and listen as Dad spoke.

The crazy thing about this passage is, Solomon was David’s (the man after God’s own heart) son! He was the one who God asked what he wanted and out of anything and everything in the world, he asked for wisdom. Oh, did Heavenly Dad grant THAT request. People from all over traveled to ask advice from a 2o year old!!!

The even crazier part is, even with the Almighty’s gift of wisdom pouring in, over and through him, Solomon was still human and screwed up, just like the rest of us. Heavenly Dad gave three rules to him:

Do not collect wealth, horses or wives. One, two, three strikes he’s out, on those instructions. Heavenly Dad even told him the key to KEEPING those instructions: write them and read them DAILY so he could worship the Lord. Simple enough but did he do them? NO!

This is where this passage was pointing it’s boney little finger at me, verse 9:

“the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice“

How many time have I heard (or said)”If I absolutely, for sure, KNEW what God wanted me to do, I’d do it!” Here we have the wisest man ever—I mean EVER— and God appeared to him, not once but TWICE, so there was NO doubt in what God wanted him to do and he STILL miffed it!

In that one passage, Cow-esc type bounty served on the platter before me, Heavenly Dad whispered,”You can’t do this alone.”

”WHAT alone?”

The breeze even lighter against my cheek,”Anything.”

If Solomon would have received the blessing of wisdom, then lived his entire life without error, I know my mind would surmised that if I could just come up with the right prayer, say the right words, or hold my  tongue just right, I would only have to rely on Heavenly Dad for that one time “special gift,” that I had yet to figure out, but then I didn’t really NEED Him anymore. How self centered and self focused can one person be!!?? Well, it’s me, and that’s why I’m sharing this with you! I am grateful that my Heavenly Dad is constantly saving me from my biggest hinderance that comes between His and my relationship: me. It  is my ego and prideful attitude of self reliance, my attempt to figure out my “ next right step, in case God is busy saving the world,” all my fault.

Like Solomon, if I can be so bold as to compare, though I may know without a shadow of a doubt what my next Heavenly Dad step is, if I don’t following the rest of His directions, I will loose sight of the path that He has chosen for me, wonder from it and eventually loose my way, just like Solomon—only after his death (yikes! My shortcomings could affect my family).

Protein is definitely what I need to build muscle and stand firm WITH my Heavenly Dad. It helps me to stand straight, as muscle supporting my backbone/spine, choosing to follow Him instead of thinking I am capable of creating my own (muddled) path.

Until next time, Blessings!

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