Deuteronomy 6:5 “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.”

Matthew 22:37 “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’”

In the old and repeated in the new. Do you think Heavenly Dad was trying to get a point across?

Sunday Pastor Derry was talking about the Hebrew word Shema which means “hear or listen.” It was a seriously good talk and I walked out challenged to not only “Shema” but pass on what Heavenly Dad is speaking to me about while I am listening. I stepped out to the truck in the quiet…thinking. I dropped off a key at Taylor’s house and, but for a brief encounter, all was quiet. Next, to the store, walking, in the quiet. Finally  back home, to the quiet. It was quiet.

”Heavenly Dad?” (as I mentally tapped the imaginary microphone/speaker on my chest) “is this thing on?” I figured He must not be talking to me if I am not hearing Him, right?

Pastor Derry had a jar of marbles to represent the weeks between birth and graduation—936 to be exact. He then showed what the jar looked like in kindergarten.  Wow, shocking what five  years of marbles looks like(260 out of 936) 6th grade(subtract another 312 marbles) 9th grade, and then the beginning of the end: 52 marbles for the senior year. In 30 minutes, give or take, Taylor’s life flashed before my eyes, and I realized that I was waaay past that point. My little girl is soon to be walked down the isle.

Time measurements in marbles. How can a message so challenging land on ears that seemingly have no outlet? Ok, brief pity party ensued, no balloons or party poppers this time, just a sparkler or two (I said brief, my pity parties are never without pizzazz).

Pastor Derry quoted the CEO of Orange (I think that’s right) “When you see how much time you have left you tend to get serious about the time you have now.” Did I mention tomorrow is Archie’s birthday? “Time we have left… .”

My jar of marbles is empty because my little girl not only graduated high school but college as well. I had an extra 156 marbles in my jar, what a blessing (except to the pocketbook, of course). That quote,”Time you have left…” Archie’s birthday…then the realization: there isn’t any for tomorrow is not guaranteed.

“You tend to get serious about the time you have now.” If today was my last what would it look like? What would yours look like? Ink spilled on white carpet: who would care tomorrow if tomorrow wasn’t there? “Let’s turn the spot into a dragon!!!”

Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but is it? How differently I would react if every day was Archie’s birthday eve and I reminded myself that the celebration day is missing it’s guest of honor. It could be for anyone at anytime. Sometimes the marbles in the jars of life aren’t quite as full as we think or hope they are but we don’t have any idea. What would I be like if I treated everyday as if my last marbled for life was being lifted out of the jar?

Matthew 22:37 “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’”

I think it’s safe to say that if I kept this verse as my cornerstone, aligning my thoughts and actions, when the last marble has been removed, the jar will not have then been filled with regrets.

Shema, dear friend, to what message Heavenly Dad has for you, with all of your heart, soul and mind.

Until next time: Blessings!

For my precious one: thank you for the many marbles of memories and for your future please remember to:




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  1. u r such a wordsmith, Tracy! God used your words to bless and challenge me in a massive way this morning! Thanks for being so ready to pass on the inspired, Holy Spirit filled thoughts from your life.

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