For you, brethren, were [indeed] called to freedom; only [do not let your] freedom be an incentive to your flesh and an opportunity or excuse [for selfishness], but through love you should serve one another” Galatians 5:13

Freedom but not to be used  for selfishness…did Heavenly Dad poke you, too, or was it just me?

Mmmmm…this week I had a “mom date” with my loving daughter and son-in-law 2B at the fair, thanks to the generosity of Heartfelt and some free tickets. It was the first time I have gone since Arch went home which is crazy because it hasn’t changed a bit! Taylor and I specifically went for the fair special on coffee from the Refinery (my current brew is a blueberry crunch—yum!) but this time we had an extra special purpose: Kristian had never had an Elephant ear and I couldn’t wait to see him experience it!

Having Kristian in my life has been a true gift from Heavenly Dad. He is the “me” part of their relationship as Taylor 80% her dad and needs that person to alleviate the pressures she puts on herself. I laugh every time the two kids “reign” each other in, with the looks, laughter, and respect. Not only that but when Taylor was little, every time she would experience something new I would be as excited, if not more, than her! Now I’ve been blessed with a son for a second helping of that blessing! I am tearfully humbled and grateful to Heavenly Dad.

Another sip of blueberry deliciousness aaaand…

Taylor and Kristian are painfully aware of how much time “mom,” aka me, spends alone. Now that the kids have each other and know the fun and love you can only share with your soul mate, Taylor would like me to not be alone (though she loves and misses Arch, like me).

Will that ever happen? I’ve asked if there is such a thing as Missionary/Baptist nun, but so far haven’t gotten any takers. Second up is the widow/widower site(s) for friendship.  Those are a bit creepy because I keep getting approached by divorced or separated guys. It breaks my heart, especially when the potential  last chapter of their love story has stopped in mid-sentence (those that are separated).

I’m terrible at these sites because I always direct them back to their wives. Actually, HD is opening a ministry with these folk, now that I think about it (people are going to hate me).

One Christian gentleman and I were conversing about something he was waiting for HD to “deliver” him from. I guess if he felt that way he must have viewed it as sin, right?

Anyway, then he started explaining  to me why maybe Heavenly Dad hasn’t delivered him yet because maybe he could use this “sin” for his protection. It was the most creative justification I’ve ever heard in my life and had to ask if he pulled  a brain muscle in concocting it (I really should keep to myself).

Then he changed gears on me and put his “spiritual” hat on (sigh). This really hit me how we/I am tempted to use the freedoms Heavenly Dad gives me when I want or don’t want to. So, I’m letting you be a fly on my wall for my response:

“We don’t need to talk about how “I feel the Holy Spirit relates today.” It’s in our previous texts. I want to make sure my relationship w/HD isn’t “head knowledge”, rules, regulations and such I refer to as “flavors” of Christianity (mission, Baptist, Pentecostal, whatever).

Relationship with HD, walking the walk and talking the talk, is when I get out of His way so people see Him and not me—dying to self and selfish desires. If people have to ASK what I believe, I’ve got some confessing to do and adjustments in my walk to align with Him. I have to use my “freedom” to serve, not make excuses.”

I really should become a nun…. . Until that happens, or whatever is supposed to, I’ll take it a day at a time and face whatever Heavenly Dad allows and trust Him for the words to say and the timing in which to say them.

Until next time: Blessings!


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