“Over” or “Over and Out” ?

Psalm 73:28 “But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.”

So, when it comes to Heavenly Dad, is my conversation with Him one sided or two?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach around 8 times this year from the state of Washington to Washington D.C., Chantilly, to be exact. While traveling, I either ride in the Heartfelt van (back seat, no windows, lower than the front seats, so no view. It’s dark…very dark) or fly and then am chauffeured hither and yon by the show team. We leave the hotel around 7 am each morning and end our days between 7 pm-10 pm. There is little time for fun, but definitely some time to chat.

The last show we were heading to, one of the team, Ben, said,”Hey, do you mind if I pray? I almost feel like I’d be sinning if I didn’t.” He said that because he felt Heavenly Dad reeeally wanted to hear from him. “Warning, I pray kinda weird.”

My response,” No problem! A prayer is just a conversation with Heavenly Dad. It doesn’t matter if other people just happen to be in the room.”

So he started talking to God as if He were in the back seat with me. At the end he stopped, then,”Oh! Amen.” I giggled, “Isn’t it odd that we say,’Amen,’ when He hears everything and we are just having a conversation?”

Ben thought for a minute and said,”Yeah, would it make more sense to say,’Over and out,’ or just ‘Over,’ as we are waiting for Him to speak to us next?” Wow! That was amazing insight and I’ve done a lot of introspection about if or how my prayers end.

Arch, Taylor and I had the habit of always saying,”I love you,” before we leave each other. People/guys used to make fun of us but we always said that if anything ever happened to any of us we wanted to know that the last words we spoke to the other person were,”I love you.” Taylor knows the exact last words she spoke to Archie. Mine were,”I’m on my way,” but those were the words he needed to hear.

If I am/was that careful with my words to my family, what do I want the last words to my Heavenly Dad to be? Asking for something? Thanking Him? Telling Him I love Him? Ultimately, though, when I’ve said my peace, is my expectation that MY conversation is over, or am I in the mindset that Heavenly Dad is going to answer back…”over,”?

Hmmmm…this is something I’m working through, but thought I’d throw it out to you.

Until next time: Blessings!




2 thoughts on ““Over” or “Over and Out” ?

  1. Bless you Tracy.
    I was reading this wondering why amen, then laughed remembering Dad asked why amen why not a woman.
    Each time we talked to our children the last thing is always “I love you”
    When hubby goes to work it’s always been a kiss and an I love you.
    Thank for for starting my day with happy memories ❤

  2. I like that! “Over”- that’s awesome! Or, “I love you” works perfect too! ^_^ Oh! Random thought: in addition to being exactly what Uncle Archie needed to hear at the time, have you ever considered how true your words were? “I’m on my way.” Aren’t all Christians ‘on our way’ to Heaven and our loved ones residing there? Just a random thought that I felt was encouraging in light of such tremendous losses on earth. <3

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