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Normally, I start my blog with a scripture Heavenly Dad has given me about something going on in my life. Not today.

I have a weekend at home. “Aaaand,” you might be wondering, is that supposed to mean I have fireworks or confetti going off in my head or boxes of Kleenex and photo albums of “what was,” covering the table. Neither.

This is Memorial Day weekend and I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the birthday celebration of a young man who is 22 and a walking miracle. After a horrendous accident, crushed ankles, and blood on his brain, Heavenly Dad decided it wasn’t time for him to go home, as He had much bigger plans. I am just on the sidelines, with the rest of the crowd, as the reveal takes place daily. Every morning is a gift as he, along with the rest of us, learns how to make the most of his “present,” leaving yesterday as his history and legacy.

This is Kris:

Yesterday  I was blessed with the opportunity to celebrate him, today is reflection.

2 Corinthians 3:17

17 Now the Lord[a] is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

What would happen if we all viewed ours lives as if we were walking miracles, destined for greatness? What would that look like? What would we look like? Would we hold our heads higher? Would we walk straighter? Would every word spoken be with confidence and authority as if given to us by the King of Kings?

But we are… .

Hanging out with Kris reminds me that I am not defined by where I was born, who I was born to, my occupation, or even my skill set. All of that can be gone in an instant, a blink of an eye and a crunched truck.

There is freedom to be who we/I am created to be, every moment of every day because Heavenly Dad’s spirit surrounds me. If I tune in to Him, the doors He wants will be in front of me and it’s my job to open the doors (there has to be some sort of effort on my part) and when He nodes, walk through.

He wants me to walk straight with my head up. I am His design, placed here for a purpose…so were you.

Oh, one more thing: Heavenly Dad says He loves you, you are perfect, and He wouldn’t change a thing. You are perfect in His eyes: wrinkles, warts, love handles and all, so walk with confidence.  (Crap, that means me, too)

Unti next  time: Blessings!


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