The Journey Afoot

“Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. “ John 13:14-15

“Feet, Father? Ummm, how about hair or hands???” I whisper as I peek out of one eye to the heavens.

I LOVE to teach! I love seeing a “squishy face,” from someone who is completely lost or fearful, relaaaaaaxxxxxx. Then the corners of their mouths turn upward and eyes sparkle with excitement. I enjoy helping people learn or fine tune a skill they did not realize was attainable. THAT way of helping people is fun, motivating, and  clean.

“Wash one another’s feet…” . What exactly is Heavenly Dad getting at???

Back in the day the need was, after long hours in sandles on a dusty road, to wash off the grime on your feet caused from the sweat that probably built up under the leather straps, then caked with dust, mud and dung one might have walked through on a long journey. Can you imagine what their feet must have looked like back then: the calluses, corns, warts, broken blisters and the smell?

I’m very hard headed,”Daaaad… I still don’t get it. What comes to mind is,’ewwwwww!’ and I doubt if that was Your intention.”

I am flying home from a DJ training event. Before each event I swear that this is,”probably going to be my last event,” but then I go and she becomes my verbal chiropractor and realigns my vision.   Each event pushes me to get off my cushy seat, meet new people, focus on their needs, and seek how I can utilize who and what I know to meet more than one need. This is not easy for me. My mental cushy seat is very comfortable: soft stain proof fabric (that breaths), multiple layers of high quality foam over string tied coils aaaaand it reclines(with a foot rest, of course). Why, oh why, would I EVER want to leave such a comfortable place IF I DON’T HAVE TO?

Because life is not about me.

There are brothers and sisters, family of Heavenly Dad’s—and mine, that are uncomfortable, even in pain, from a long journey that they may or may not have chosen, but they are hurting. My job is to open my door, have a vat of warm water, soothing foot wash, a thick soft towel and some lotion (maybe with lavender), waiting either when they are in the midst of their journey or at it’s completion.

Oh, wait, did I mention those feet need to be cleaned?

”Ummm…Daaad, ew—“ He stops me. “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. “ I fight the tears. He has been there for me, never once saying “ewww” when I hadn’t showered for days, my face and hair a mess from tears, smelling like my fury kids as He used them and Taylor as His hands and arms of comfort.

”I…am so sorry. How dare I judge the smell of anyone else over my own stench? Thank you.”

With that realignment He sent me Home.

I was actually listening to an amazing song messaged to me from my brother-in-law, Bobby, while I was waiting to board the plane for the first flight home. I wiped my tears, smiled, put down my phone, and introduced myself to my new friend and brother in Christ, Christopher from Nigeria, but that story is for another day.

Until next time: Blessings!!!


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  1. On target, as usual. I actually had a “sister” wash my feet once, when we were home between assignments. It was the most humbling, touching, selfless (on her part) act I have ever experienced. Don’t forget your “feet” too … “How beautiful are the feet of those who spread the great news …” or something like that. Love you … excited for each of your adventures!

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