MIssing Wings

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”—the things God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9)

Prepared–Wow! Heavenly Dad prepared this for me?

Water! I now have water! Well, sort of. I have a toilet and the shower faucet was just installed. The sound of running water was never so beautiful as when the gush splattered against the bottom of the tub. “Ahhhhh, music to my ears! What a sweet melody.” The bathroom sink looks great…in the box, but after the drywall is painted it is going to be amazing, mounted! For now the sink patiently awaits it’s turn, carefully packed, laying in what will be a dining area.

In order to put up bathroom walls the plumbing needed to be tested. One of the angels, in all of their brilliance came up with that. I would have been like,”Plumbing: check. Walls: check” then the water would have been turned on and blown out the wall. I am grateful beyond words for these individuals who have far more wisdom than me. Heavenly Dad has placed them in my life to put on my breaks AND press the accelerator at the same time when it comes to the Cat house.

Why do I continue to call them my angels? Funny story:

The first time I looked at the Cat House, half of the rooms missing lights, the flashlight beams were running hither and yon, criss-crossing, and racing down every wall. Serveral lights landed on a spot on fresh drywall where it appeared someone had spray painted something. The previous owners weren’t sure but thought maybe it was a frame of a daybed. The outline I first thought resembled wedding bells,”…no that not quite right…ANGEL WINGS!”

Those wings are tough as nails! They showed through the mudding, priming and then it was finally time to say goodbye on the day to paint the kitchen. My angels showed up that day, unexpectedly, to put up the shower surround, tube faucet, then even CLEANED the tube for me-NO small task (right up there between using elbow grease and dynamite).

While they were there, two friends of Taylor’s were there to help paint. Three coats of paint later: the winged outline almost glowed from behind the frosty green hue of the mix-matched shade someone had brought/dropped off (I love the color so much ONLY Heavenly Dad could have orchestrated what colors and amounts had to be used for this recipe color for perfection!!!) WHAT?!?!?

We laughed about how the angel’s wings refused to be hidden—that would preach but not by me. Hmmmm, maybe I could just talk about it a smidge:

Heavenly Dad puts something within me/us, a passion gift or calling, it will/has to shine through because it is who I/we were created to be. We can dirty ourselves (like the mudding process, but that only proves that the painful process of healing(sanding) proves it’s not a surface gift but part of the structure of our character. Then we may feel unworthy to use that specialness because we had been dirty and feel guilt or  shame. We try to cover it up under layers, like the primer, hoping we can pretend like we don’t have a uniqueness and are just like everyone else. 

Soon, even while we are trying to hide our God-given-intended-purpose, like the paint that covered all the wall in the same shade, it glows from within us, people see it, and question you…or me, because it is undeniably there.

Does this make sense?

Taylor, friends, angels and I all called it a day. Grace and I went to the local coffee shop, staying until they closed, me: loving  the dreams and goals that Heavenly Dad is laying on this incredible woman’s heart. I felt challenged to take my relationship with Heavenly Dad to a closer level. I want to hear/know His heart better.

I returned to the Cat house, a couple of hours later all by myself. When I walked into to what will be the kitchen something was different. I felt sad.

The wings had disappeared.

That is when I realized that if I ever do succeed in covering up the gift Heavenly Dad created in me, emptiness is waiting.

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.”(Hebrews 12:28–29).

There was A LOT of effort put into covering them up, even more paint than any other wall. I hope the wings fight their way back to the surface. I had no idea that they were so special and would be missed so quickly like, potentially, what is in me and you if we would cover up who we are created to be.

”But my giftedness doesn’t make any sense,” we may argue. I don’t have answers I only (is “only” the right word???) have faith that if I trust Heavenly Dad and develope the uniqueness He is preparing for me to use it…somewhere, I will trust Him for when that will come to be.  I revere Him and continue to be in awe of His plan and timing in the lives of His children.

Why do I continue to call it the Cat house? When I bought this home it had/has cats jigged out of wood, painted white, on the shutters, and thus the name,”Cat House.” It made/makes it much easier to find when trying to give directions and explaining which house it is on the road. Since replacing the front window, one set of shutters had to come down. When I went into the garage after everyone has cleared, low and behold on the wall  Miss Kitty had been mounted, missing tail and all. I had to laugh because someone decided that the cats needed to keep their home so they found a spot for her to stay where she wouldn’t end up in the refuse pile. I guess everyone needs a permanent home, even wooden images of cats with missing tails.

Though the Cat house truly does feel like home, it is only one step closer to my final destination with Heavenly Dad(and I doubt if there will be even one wooden Cat for an eye to behold!)

Until exit time: Blessings!


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