Chapter 2 in The Broken House for the Broken Woman

He who despises his neighbor sins, but blessed is he who is kind to the needy. Proverbs 14:21

In my devotional,”Wisdom Hunters,” it said something like this,”Kindness sometimes requires us to give up something we want for someone who has a need.”

Last week I wrote of the Siloam Mennonite Church and their extreme kindness. There is more to this story than a “Saturday One Day Stand.”

Two weeks or so before the big work day, Grace and Rod were at the Cat House working away. Towards the end of the work day Grace asked me,”Hey Tracy, do you have anyone to help you move?”

Yikes. “Heavenly Dad?”

That was Saturday. Monday I get a letter from Nappanee Missionary Church saying something about the youth group, middle and high school, who were having a work day on March 24th to raise money for camp. They were wondering if I had any work that a group of kids could do for between 4-6 hours. “Ummm, yes?” Now I had my moving date and small crew.

Right around that time I met with Lisa Miller, an old friend—as in I’m older than her, but our friendship has been around a while. She was in the Youth for Christ group when Archie and I were youth leaders. I loved catching up with her as I don’t go or do anything outside of work and church. I listened and she told me about how Heavenly Dad has been speaking to her. I was grateful for the updates on her lovely girls and direction on how to pray for them. She was kind and asked what was going on with me. When we talked about the  Cat house she said she and her family would like to help. She also said they had access to a truck.

Yeah! Truck and help! I wrote about the amazing work day by Siloam, then only 7 days until the move(not to actually live there…kinda need a commode and sink first). You’d think everything would be smooth sailing, right? Not so much.

So the seven days looked something like this:  Saturday the work day, Sunday church, volunteering with the kiddos and home to pack. On Monday a bit of surgery to remove a lump on my neck (looked clear of cancer, thank the Lord), charging on to Tuesday. Though Taylor was driving 40 minutes each night and morning to take care of the fury kids so I could do what I needed to, I was still getting behind. Something HAD to give and that was my vacation time at work. Half of Wednesday through Friday I quested off to focus… .

Wednesday work continues at the Cat house. Thursday my fury kid,Dash, had surgery and (what I thought) was final prep for the move. By Thursday my stitches were bruising and, since the muscle/tendon was scraped, I was really pushing the healing process to the limits—past the limits. Thursday evening my schedule pretty much fell apart completely. When the gentleman opened the roll of linoleum to put in the living room and kitchen (it’s old dog friendly) from the Restore, it was ruined/chemical burned all  way through. Ugh, plan B or was that C,D, E, or F, I was loosing track. Anyway, now I had to find flooring on top of planning the moving day, taking care of a recovering pup/old dog and trying not to pull out my own stitches in the midst.

One word: Uncle.

I received a text: My sister and her hubby, who work in Louisville. KY, had taken off Friday to help with whatever I needed. Poor things, they had no idea what they were walking into.

Friday started with a 6:45 flooring pick up, driving Taylor to Warsaw so she could get her vehicle, to the CAT House, to the Goshen house, picking up my sister, back to the Cat house to unload flooring to Mishawaka to get more flooring  aaaand then I loose track. I know the gentleman laid two rooms of flooring and blessed me by unexpectedly  donating his time (WHAT?!?!!?? Jay’s Flooring Rocks!!!) and then my sister and brother-in-law, Trina and Chris, helped me lay flooring until around 10:00 pm. Wow, just 10 hrs to move day—what?!?

So I may or may not have gotten two hours of sleep trying to make up the lost packing time to the floor, but Saturday at 8 am Sharp, 8 students and four parents arrived. The Schmucker clan, Sam, Lori,   3 of their kids, along with an in-law-to-be (she’s a keeper) with an 18 ft trailer, Lisa Miller, and Trina and Chris arrived with a trailer.

That was  as Lori was explaining to everyone how Archies and I helped get she and her hubby together. She even confessed there first PDA(public display of affection) that wasn’t so public! Smiles!!!!

It hit me: This was really happening.

Do you ever notice that if you stay busy enough you can “stay ahead” of thoughts and memories that need to be worked through?  You put them on the back burner.  I/you have every intension of going back and dealing/feeling what needs to be felt, buuut…there just isn’t time. Bingo.

I had the youth group kids  for 6 hrs and we finished loading in less than 2–what? After a drop off at the Cat house they were up for round two. I had the house packed but had left all  of the pictures on the walls because I didn’t want them getting lost or broken. I didn’t think we would have time for round two, but here we were.

I had done very well, emotionally,  until the pictures came down. Arch was everywhere in this house and I knew the majority of these pictures would not be gracing the walls of my new home. There just isn’t the wall space.

I quietly cried my way through round two and the silent drive to Nappanee. This had to be. There was no more running.

At the house we unloaded and I provided a sloppy joe lunch. Lisa and Lori’s family rode off into the sunset— well, since it was only about 1 pm, maybe not. That left the youth and the Hopsecgers.

It was fun getting to  know the youth and their parents. We finally had a chance to chat and find out “who went with who.” In the conversation they asked me about the CAT house, how I found it, what was being done. I had the opportunity to tell them the amazing story of the broken house and the church of healing water, two of whom were drywalling as the kids were moving me in!!!

From there Heavenly Dad wanted me to tell them they were all created for a purpose. I shared that I am reeeally ready to go home and some days it is extremely hard to get out if bed in the morning but this life is  not about me. I volunteer and share Heavenly Dad’s love to whomever  I can, not that I always get it right. I shared that God can do amazing things through them and me, like the story of Siloam, it’s just up to us to not get in His way.

They graciously listened, I thanked them, and they were off. Chris and Trina blesssd  me with a house warming gift, a commode, the gift that keeps on giving or taking, I’ve heard it both ways ways😉.

Aaaaand that is chapter 2  in The Broken House for Broken  Woman. BUT: with help, l’m healing. How about you?

Until next time: Blessings! (I’ll add photo’s later)



2 thoughts on “Chapter 2 in The Broken House for the Broken Woman

  1. What a wonderful day it was. People helping people. What else were we put here for. I sent out a family text and asked if they could help a lady move. Their response was, but I…I need to… I have to… I called a family meeting and told them the story of how their Dad and I met. Yeah yeah we know mom. I said, LISTEN! I told them that if it hadn’t been for Tracy and Archie to help Dad and I to meet there might never have been you. I reminded them our story; a 26 year old meeting a 19 year old. I would of never went to a Campus Life meeting but a friend said, “Lori come, there’s this guy leader that is so cute.” Well the rest is history. My children didn’t realize or maybe stop and think about what other people are going through. Teenagers have severe tunnel vision. This was a perfect way to open their eyes. They started to realize this situation affected them, winding back 25 years ago. I told them that Gods timing is perfect. I told them that they had their whole lives to work on cars but this lady only had this one day to move. I told them that if something happened to their dad this lady would have done the very same thing that you are going to do, it is help a person out. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tracy for helping me teach my children that sometimes God has skin on…..and that is you.

  2. This song keeps coming up at church and every time it does I think of you and wonder if you’ve heard it. I’m just gonna leave it right here and pray it’s as encouraging for you as its message is to me.
    Love & Prayers ❤️
    “I Am Not Alone” by Kari Jobe

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