Mercy is the Word of the Day

So he [Jacob] went to him and kissed him. When Isaac caught the smell of his clothes, he blessed him.    Genesis 27:27

The Saturday traffic is light as the community enjoys a day to sleep in. Well, most of them. Some are working regular hours, others overtime, and then there is me with my sleep issues. That’s ok, more time with Heavenly Dad this morning.

The smell of caramel coffee permeates the air as I grab my brew, in on of my favorite cups , and head to “room ala mom” for my daily chat with Heavenly Dad. What are we going talk about today, my my wonders.

This week had been a tough week with Archie’s second birthday in heaven (more about that tomorrow and Valentine’s Day-we would both celebrated Taylor together because our anniversary was just 5 days later: what would have been our 29th but is the second anniversary of his funeral. Through all of this is a constant in my head, there is this little glimmer of hope that this is not the end of my story.

Today, very soon, my running begins. My new journey is that tiny light shining in what has been a dark room for a very long time. It is a busy day with with plumbing, electrical and hanging out in 50 degree temperatures. This time I’m taking a coffee pot, but realize that means taking breaks to run to find a rest room. That’s ok, another word for journey is adventure, right?

In my time with heavenly Dad, there is always music attached. This time the music played through and continue on to a song that brought tears to my eyes. The song was on Mercy. What is mercy? Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.

Coming clean: I get caught up in pain, which is part of healing, and feel completely and utterly unworthy of anything. Heavenly Dad sacrificed His ONE and only son to save a wretch like me. I have so many flaws, I wonder why He wasted a precious son…on me?

When I think of the kindness and love of the people that have chosen to walk with me on this new journey, without judgment or condemnation, I see God and His love that I do not deserve. I have asked them, “Why???” Like the blessing of Isaac, they have chosen to bless me–His blessing, by “invoking divine favor, conferring well-being to others.”

The only answer that makes any sense is that Heavenly Dad is showing incredible mercy to me, though I deserve nothing.

When this song played during the end of my time with Heavenly Dad, tears were shed, and I had to share it with you! If you are feeling lower than low, may the mercy of Heavenly Dad find your heart open and receptive.

Until tomorrow: Blessings!




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