How Different Things Would Be…

“As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy” (James 5:11).

The view out the window to the left is a beautiful white Art Deco sky scrapper looking down on sometimes busy streets, lined with cars and blinking lights. This city is much quieter than the Chicago chaos, people four deep on each sidewalk, car horns yelling at pedestrians to hurry and sirens blaring day and night. I watch from the quiet of the 12th floor in the sunny city of Phoenix, AZ.

I am preparing to meet Heartfelt Family from all over the world and those who soon would be. Before I do, there is set up and training to check off the schedule. In the wait, Heavenly Dad urges,”Tracy, I’m here. Come and spend time with me.” It’s awesome! Where ever I go, He is there waiting, an ever present comfort/help in time of need.

“Thanks for being here Dad. Please, speak to me…”

Can you imagine being a character–is that the right term–in the Bible?Little kids to adults hear about huge events in your life from birth to death, all the while HOPING you will make the right choice but ultimately learning from either?

If those characters lived now and had the opportunity, what do you think they would say to the “younger self” of long ago? Would the Bible look different?

Jospeh had dreams of grandeur that he told to his brothers. Though they were accurate, little details were missing like being thrown down a well and sold into slavery by his own brothers to later spending years in prison. What, as second in command of Egypt, advice would he have said to his younger self?

Esther didn’t even want to go to the “Persian beauty pageant” but out of obedience did.  Not only did it save her own life as queen, but all of the Jewish people, as well. What would she have said to her younger self, who was probably not happy about leaving home in the first place?

Daniel, a young-in who lived exactly as Heavenly Dad instructed and ended up betrayed and a wanna-be gourmet meal for lions? What would the lion’s den survivor say to the teen of pure faith who’s world came crashing down inspite of his obedience?

What would I have said to younger self at the age of 17, in a new state without any friends and a mom that wasn’t allowed to speak one-on-one or be with me in a room alone without being chaperoned by a stepfather (who said I was not welcome to live in his house after the age of 18), to the twenty something who lost two children and was on the brink of loosing her third, or the 29 year old mother of a preschooler whose husband was just diagnosed with three kinds if cancer?

In the midst of her pain, saying “It’s going to be alright in the end,” may not  have meant much if I then got up, with her eyes watching my back, and walked out the door. One of the police officers tried saying that to me when they told me they had to stop trying to revive Archie. Short and more than to the point: that was NOT HELPFUL!!!!!!

What about,”This is hard. I don’t have the answers,  but I know someone who does. Along the way He will provide those that have more answers. If you stay close to Him, you can trust that He will to speak to you through them and His Word.

With great pain is the tendancy to build thick walls so no one can cause additional sorrow. Please, oh, please, keep your heart shoft and hands open to receive everything He has for you. You cannot see it now, there are gifts you can only receive/be found on this difficult path.

Forgiveness will be key on this journey because people are not perfect. They will do and say things that will pierce you to your soul. Please look at their hearts before you judge their actions. The hurt they inflicted was more than likely unintentional.”

Though the circumstances would have remained the same, maybe peace in the midst of fearing a lonely journey could have been found. Also, the hard feelings from “well meaning” people may have been let go MUCH earlier, thus less baggage to carry along the journey.

I came across this song the other day and it hit me between the eyes. Where ever I am in life now, many more lessons, fun and painful, lay ahead. I need to remember my own advice and learn from those that that are on the trail in front of me.

What advice would you give your “younger you” or those that are on a journey on which you have reached a destination?

Until next time: Blessings!


2 thoughts on “How Different Things Would Be…

  1. I keep thinking about this very thing lately, only backwards: BOY am I glad I can’t see the future!!! Though I often wish I could see ahead so I can stop wondering and worrying about how the puzzle fits together, I’m glad I can’t borrow tomorrow’s sorrows or agonize over what lay beyond my control, for I KNOW that’s what I would do if I knew. Rather than being relieved, I’d be more stressed trying to change/avoid/postpone aspects of His Plan!!! Thus I must learn from the past, not live in regrets, savor the glimmers of sunshine in today, and leave tomorrow to God.
    Let Go(d) – that’s what I (try to) say. ^_^

  2. Not sure what is in God’s​ plan for this old man. I work all the time; trying to get ahead. I come home from work Sunday night and my house was broken into. Front door has to be replaced, no TV,no stereo,no jewelry,& no tools.

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