#1 Obvious Doors

About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Acts 16:25

Last week I was talking about doors and looking for them. This week I did something I have never done before… .It is time for Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) MobilePackTM at Nappanee Missionary Church. They have been doing this annually: getting together church attendees, businesses, schools, Boy Scout groups, you name it, they all come together, get  naked with their jewelry (where was your mind???), put on hair nets (which for some of us is like stuffing a cupcake into an envelop and expecting it to come out looking the same–not going to happen), and grouping with people from our vast commuity we have never met. This is not a “churchy” event.  After everyone has been intensely trained (15 minute video) they get together to pack meals for the extreme poor. I think they said this year will put the total well over 11 million meals–WHAT???

Subject time: “Oh, come on! That’s an obvious door. I thought this was going to be MUCH more challenging.”

That’s the point. Out of all the years they’ve been offering this program, I have never participated. Let’s be real for a second (a lifetime might be stretching it…or maybe not :o) ), aren’t we looking for heavenly Dad to give us some amazing gift to stand out above all those around us? Like the Brit Nicole song I attached last week, that girl can sing! My pipes warble and my ability to carry a tune? The handles are decaying on the bucket containing any melody. Age is not doing me any favors in the realm of singing.

How about dancing? Maybe I could “bust a move” or tap my way to draw others closer to Him. Nope. No gifting there.

Sports! Yes! I used to play volleyball, basketball, a little softball and cheered in high school. Aaaaand, though in my mind I can concoct an adult program to get people rallying around activity, I know in my heart my back would no longer be able to withstand the constant jarring. This is not an option.

Business owner! People look at them like they are important because they have accomplished things. That automatically gives a platform from which to speak! You’ve read my stuff: anywhere in here have you seen a passion for running a business? I didn’t think so.

Nurses? Doctors? School teachers? Platforms already in place. I don’t qualify.

All of these things…I was looking for heavenly Dad to make it easy for me, you know, have people notice me instead having to take my eyes off of myself to notice them. OUCH!

Long story short, I signed up for Feed My Children.

TRUTH: He never promised me a smooth road, and if it was, HELLO! Have you ever driven through Iowa?!?! Smooooth….straaaaight….boooooring, oh my! (Such an understatement!)

This is my point (took me long enough to get here, right?): Heavenly dad gave me my very own, unique personality. There are all sorts of personality tests out there that can and have helped me recognize my strengths, weaknesses and things that just bug the crap out of me, BUT…no one else’s individaul responses to the questions are EXACTLY like mine.

I was not born with a platform. I did not achieve a platform in college (though I still could…), but if we are honest with ourselves, platforms are limited to where they are positioned. Now, stop your thinking about the internet. Believe it or not, there are people who still need love, attention, grace, mercy and forgiveness who have “no bars.” Examples? The homeless, the elderly, the extreme poor, and these are but a few. Platforms are too heavy to drag on an plane heading out to a remote island (can you imagine the checked bag fees?!?!?). Platforms don’t fit extremely well in back alleys where homeless huddle in cardboard boxes. Platforms are awkward to carry when a stay at home mom is dying on the inside and desperately needs to hear that what she is doing is vital and has value.

Heavenly Dad needs some of us to stop focusing on the platform that we do not have, see the gifts, talents, and passion He has developed in us and aching for us to share, and head out to seek those doors that are just waiting to fly open. Beside, platforms can be built in the middle of a jungle…but you have to get there first.

Platforms are heavy. Gifts/talents/passion are portable if we/I am willing to get off my heiny and get busy.

What color is your backpack? Mine’s Heartfelt Pink.

Until we meet again: Blessings!


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