Me Putting Up With Me

“ He received honor and glory from God the Father when the voice came to him from the Majestic Glory, saying, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased” (2 Peter 1:17).

Have you ever wanted to crawl into a hole and hide after you’ve done something SOOO STUPID you don’t think you EVER want to be seen again?

I’ve probably said this one million nine hundred 42 times, give or take, but when Arch went home I’d swear part of my brain went with him. This week it just became apparent to ALL the people Taylor works with. Lucky me.

My truck, the truck Arch drove everyday, does not get used as much as it was when he was here, obviously. It is used for hauling yard stuff, especially mowers, almost every week, bikes, kayaks, recycling, etc, and is also my back up when my “Blueberry” breaks down. “Truck” (aren’t we creative with names-NOT) can’t keep a battery charge and needed an oil change. Thankfully, I qualified for Car Care at our church that was offerd for widows and single parents. I was on the road that weekend, but they allowed Taylor to run “him” through their system on my behalf. Although Truck went in with two little issues, he came out with diagnoses with an estimated cost of over $2000!!! What?!?!?

At that point I had no idea what to do or who to ask for wise counsel. I do not have anyone in my life who works on cars or even has enough info about me to point me in a direction. YIKES! What do I do???

Reason number 8,794,365,752,651 that heavenly Dad entrusted me with Taylor: she has had enough car issues in her life, she stopped off where we bought truck a few years ago and had a heart-to-heart with the gentleman who sold it to us/Archie. Wise girl: She went to a man of God, who understands the value of Truck, attends my church, and knows my situation. After a 30 minute chat with him, they prayed together and she was on her way to give me wise counsel.

The gentleman/Taylor directed to me another person that attends the church (as for the bill??? We’ll see how that part of the story turns out later–teeth chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter) and she helped me drop Truck off. Thankfully, Blueberry, my everyday ride was working perfectly!

Did I say that out loud?

Did you ever notice that when you say something like,”We haven’t had an unexpected _______ in a while,” that ‘while’ usually ends the next day? That’s exactly what happened to Blueberry. The next day I got into my car after work and the dashboard lit up like Christmas! I dug out the book and the only thing it said was is if two of those lights are on at the same time, “immediately take to a SCION dealer.” That was not helpful.

Taylor works for a gentleman that has four businesses, one of which is a foreign car dealership (no, she doesn’t get a discount and it’s foreign which means the prices are more expensive). At that point, I had no choice, because I was out of vehicles, so I carefully drove to her place of business.

Taylor was kind enough to drop me off at work the next morning, making her morning commute over an hour (thank you Taylor). That afternoon she called to let me know the news: “Mom, the gas cap was left off. Do you think someone was trying to steal your gas?”

She is such a sweet heart.

What I felt like saying was,”No, your mother is an idiot,” but I kind of felt like that was apparent. She then had to pick me up from work, then take me the next morning so I could get my car–$98 dollars poorer, for my stupidity.

I was royally beating myself up after picking up my car, calling myself every negative name I could think of. Suddenly, I would swear heavenly Dad did that “V8” commercial “forehead smacking” thing to me. I had the revelation: Although I may be the topic of conversation of a few minutes for the gentlemen that worked on my car, they are going to go home and not think about me at all. There lives goes on and my stupidity hasn’t made them loose any sleep and they probably won’t even think about it again (unless they see me…I’m not thinking about that one). So, why am I thinking/focusing all of my energy on this one negative moment? Heavenly Dad’s love for me HAS NOT CHANGED. He still loves me and respects me as much before the gas cap incident as after and He’s the only one’s opinion that really matters.

Basically He was saying,”Tracy, get over yourself.”

Though the verse for today was when Jesus was getting baptised, it reminds me that I didn’t purposefully doing anything stupid, I didn’t sin…I made a mistake. I need to embrace my limitations, yet again, and understand that I am still going to do stupid things at times, but that does not give me the right to forget that ultimately, I am a loved child of God, that is my identity. Period.

I hope that helps someone else who was feeling like a “nothing” today. If not, wow, did I just set myself up to look foolish, yet again. That’s ok. I’ll get over it.

Until we meet again: Blessings!


5 thoughts on “Me Putting Up With Me

  1. I’ve had my share of incidents like that. One time I called my dad because my car wouldn’t start. He drove to Syracuse to help me. I didn’t have it in park. Oh, and time I backed out of my garage. It’s really best to open the garage door first. What’s really cool about your stories, is your ability to draw a lesson from it. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thanks for sharing Sis! I’m glad you found a mechanic to help you out. Sometimes it takes the little things to open our eyes, but not me it has to be so hard.

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