Champion of Widows

This week has been a rough week. Sleep has been eluding me at night and getting out of bed was getting harder with each morning. Today for the first time I reflect on why.

Taylor and I have been leaving the house and venturing out more. We talk about Archie all the time but now it is expected that it will be just the two of us and the memories of what life was like before. Some say these are signs of healing, which may be true, but now I grieve the hole getting smaller. Another new phase of grief.

A long time ago, in my time alone with my heavenly Dad, He gave this passage of scripture. It felt upbeat, perky, but in my face about how the righteous are basically blessed by God (they will laugh and sing), the wicked are punished, God is the Father to orphans and champion for the widows. Let’s face it, we widows are half the people we used to be. It is nice to know we have someone bigger, stronger, and brighter to fight for us (even when that means fighting to get out of bed).

I hope you find the hope and encouragement you need, as well.

Psalms 68       The Message

1-4 Up with God!
    Down with his enemies!
        Adversaries, run for the hills!
Gone like a puff of smoke,
    like a blob of wax in the fire—
        one look at God and the wicked vanish.
When the righteous see God in action
    they’ll laugh, they’ll sing,
        they’ll laugh and sing for joy.
Sing hymns to God;
    all heaven, sing out;
        clear the way for the coming of Cloud-Rider.
Enjoy God,
    cheer when you see him!

5-6 Father of orphans,
    champion of widows,
        is God in his holy house.
God makes homes for the homeless,
    leads prisoners to freedom,
        but leaves rebels to rot in hell.

This may or may not have meant anything to you, but when I am at the end of my rope, scripture is my knot.

Christmas is coming…night #2 of Christmas candy being made from a family of two. Struggling… .

Until Monday: Blessings!

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