Fairy Tales Revisited

What I found was that there was an issue with this page when it was published (I think) one month ago. Hopefully, republishing it will correct the error. I apologize to anyone who has already read it…or maybe our heavenly Dad needed this to be revisited.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord” Colossians 3:23(NIV)

As I am praying my way through this journey of where I fit in, I continue to see couples not realizing that they are writing the pages of their love story…with every word spoken.

Disney does an amazing job of marketing their fairy tales. Little girls walk around with the fake braids of various princesses banded to their noggins, bellowing theme songs at the tops of their lungs. Imaginary balls, dreams of princes on white horses, and daring rescues from blazing towers enchant their malleable minds.

There are also the the forthcoming princes roaming the streets. Little men that see a dragon to be slain around every corner. Princesses, that always look amazing, needing to be rescued from eminent disaster. The mini men toss the redeemed fair maiden onto their snowy white steed and ride off into the sunset for their happily ever after.

And then they grow up.

Why did this come to mind, you may ask. I am now on the outside looking in on the up and coming families of “royalty,” or at least every little girl’s dream to grow up and marry a “prince”. As stated previously, Taylor is in her one year of not making any huge decisions, and that includes that aspect of her life. Her dad isn’t here to screen the Charmings, so most applicants only get as far as the moat outside the castle. Her bridge has been tied in the upright position. It’s going to take an amazing prince to catapult that chasm.

Then there are the other duchesses who thought they found their princess. At the inception of her own story, Taylor is watching volumes (mere millimeters thick) end shortly after their regal nuptials were celebrated, dividing kingdoms. Some leave mini princes and princess to travel between the warring empires for years to come, dodging the cannon fire always raging over head. And Taylor is but 22… .

Taylor and I talk a lot about fairy tales and all the hard work that it takes for a kingdom to flourish. The princess really only wears the ball gown to grand affairs but her princes’ eyes could easily be drawn to gaze at another if the princess considers her courting days to be archived. The prince’s heart must be won daily, not by insincere costume, but with a spirit of servitude coupled with the assurance that she gave him her very best that day. Let’s face it, if the air conditioning is out in the carriage, the princess’ doo has been windblown and the mini prince had a tummy ache and projectile spit-up now adorns the fair matron just as the prince walks in the door from reigning his kingdom, the prince should smile and grab a towel knowing that that “doo” had been done…for him. If he doesn’t, he’s not much of a royal.

Like wise, when the prince was courting the princess, his attire was to impress and the aroma from his aftershave lingered long after he departed from her presence. If the prince wants the best from the princess, he should consider the fact that she deserves no less.

There is also the prince that forgets that the princess in the fairy tales had maid servants. The up and coming king either will have to continue such lavishness or be willing to grab the toilet brush to lend a hand when mini princess has colic or the princess is working outside the castle so the kingdom remains in the “black.” Archie always said he was a big boy and if we were both working 40 hours we should split the home responsibilities. Then he worked overtime and the scale changed. The princess needs to step up with out missing a beat, if the prince’s life becomes unbalanced.

Kingdom work is hard but if we remember the verse for today: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord” Colossians 3:23(NIV) it helps us remember that we aren’t serving our spouse and kids for our selfish agendas, but to fulfill the call our heavenly Dad has put on our lives.

My fairy tale was worth fighting for but is over. Hopefully yours still has many chapters yet to be written and will end with,”…and they lived happily ever after.”

With God driving your carriage, your sunset awaits.

Until tomorrow: blessings!

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