Love that Cannot be Helped

“We love because he first loved us” 1 John 4:19

We didn’t just happen to come to know our heavenly Dad and then He was like,”Cool! Sure I can love you.”

In my time with my heavenly Dad today He was talking to me about how love, REAL love, is contagious. Maybe you have people in your life that you consider having,”young love.” Do you know what I mean?

Young love: There are no expectations, they love just because they have it to give. They don’t see the flaws in each other and blush if their hands brush against each other. When the couple leaves each other’s company that love is carried with them. They are sweet, patient, and loving to their families and friends, not because they want to be but because they cannot help it!

Our relationship with the Lord can also be like that. During times of “mountain tops” heavenly Dad is soooo reeeeal! Every where you go you are talking about Him, you open doors for strangers, whistle while you walk, and can’t help but spill over the love that has taken up residence in your heart.

This verse reminds us that this love we feel was not something we had been hiding deep within our souls, it is because heavenly Dad loved us first and fills us so full of Himself we cannot help but spill over onto others.

When the valleys come, that’s when clinging to those moments are most important. Sometimes the feelings hide and I have to choose to keep loving, knowing that heavenly Dad does the same for me when I mess up or walk away. He never stops loving me and I have to choose to keep on talking to Him even when He seems like He isn’t listening or doesn’t care.

Those precious mountain tops pale in comparison to my heavenly Dad’s love that await me when, someday when my work here on earth is done, I go home to be with him. I have to remember/focus on the mountain tops to see me through the darkness of the valleys.

One the eve of Thanksgiving what I am most thankful for is the sacrifice my heavenly Dad made for me/our family. Had loved us so much, He sacrificed His only son, just so we could be with Him someday in paradise.

That is what I am thankful for today (and Taylor, too 🙂 ).

Happy Thanksgiving and “see” you on Friday, November 25th!




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