Beautiful Moments

“Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them. Revelation 14:13

When someone asks you to describe a beautiful moment, what comes to mind?

Last night in Grief Share they asked,”Describe one of the most beautiful moments with your loved one.” My mind was running, searching, “One?”

When I think of beautiful moments I think of sunsets, sunrises, moments of quiet, one-on-one, candlelight, holding a baby in the still of the night–those are beautiful moments. To be honest, we hadn’t had any beautiful moments, in quite a while. This is our second repo-ed house, one before had been unattended to by an elderly lady, for years. There was always a house repair or clean-up after. “Beautiful moments will come later. We are just one project away.”

Two or three years ago we put on the brakes! “ENOUGH with the home projects! Enough of work! Enough of college! Enough of everything!!! We need beauty and rest from our labor!”

And we found it. We took a week and meandered up the west coast of Michigan, stopping/seeing a total of (I think) 14 lighthouses. Every one we’d say,” Anybody want to do/see anything else? Any other pictures you want to take?” We saw multiple sunsets and happily slept through most sunrises. We bought coffee whenever we wanted and ate bagels for breakfast. We had many beautiful moments…but then back to reality…and beautiful moments were hidden from memory.


As I was leaving Grief Share, and one of our leaders was serenading his wife and us under the very full moon. He then shared that he had to take in this moon as it would be the very biggest he would ever see in his life time (the largest since the 1940’s). That got me thinking about our conversation just moments before.

The last largest moon in my life…in my lifetime. I called Taylor.

“Hey, when I get home, can you join me outside?” Beautiful moments…beautiful moments…beautiful moments.

In Grief Share they were asking us what moving forward looks like for us. I shared that Taylor and I have a one day bus trip to NYC coming up. I have always wanted to go, Arch had already been, and we put it on the list of “someday.” Again, that calendar day has never come. The teacher went around the room and came back to me.

“So, Tracy, you learned to not put things off until later, because later may never come.” Bingo.

I thought I would share my beautiful moment with Taylor last night:


Self check: What would my life be like if I purposefully sought a beautiful moment everyday? What would your life be like?

Until tomorrow: Blessings!

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  1. Again an awesome testimony! We all need to be more spontaneous on many occasions! I love this, more inspiration than you can imagine.

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