Enough Verses Too Much

“She did what she could when she could” Mark 14:8

When is enough, enough or too much?I was blessed with the opportunity to lend a hand to a fellow Grief Share participant, to get them ready for fall. Our tiny group makes quick work of a looming project for one. It is wonderful to share time and work with those who are battling the same challenges on the outside and similar on the inside. Though we have all suffered different loses, we have one common goal: healing.

As we were preparing, our couple (there is one couple and two of us single/non-couple gals) generously offered their assistance if we ladies got into a bind. They are dealing with heart and health issues, so the question was asked,”Are you willing to say ‘no’ if it is too much?” The response? “Yes.”

One of the many lessons we are learning is to push ourselves beyond what we are comfortable but try to realize the physical limitations that have come with grief. With their answer to embrace their limitations, welcomes more opportunities for side by side service.

In my time with my heavenly Dad, Wisdom Hunters, He was speaking of getting involved, doing our best, but not taking on too much. They also mentioned getting involved and then standing back and expecting God to do it with little effort from us. He spoke of balance.

Mark 14:3 ” there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious; and she brake the box, and poured it on his head.” In verse 8a it goes on to say,”She did what she could.”

How could anyone of us help the Almighty’s son/the Almightly? Maybe we should do what we can, when He opens the door, with a willing and humble heart, just like this woman. While she had the opportunity to “do” directly for Christ, we have the opportunity to represent heavenly Dad and “do” for everyone else. Basically, we show His heart, embodied.

Spiderweb: What does it take to “be God’s heart”?

Do you hear it? The rhythmic beat and the rush of blood?

Do you feel it? The thump of each squeeze as life is thrust forward?

Can you see it–or maybe I should say the results of it? Do you see life around you? If a heart isn’t working properly, the being is pale and listless. What do you see around you?

Am I being God’s heart? Is there proof of life around me or is life dismal and gray? Am I part of the rush of the life blood, the church, working to carry/support other members of the “body,”  transporting life blood to the arms, hands and feet? If the body is healthy, is it reaching out to the communities around them? All of this, from a desire to reflect God’s heart, “doing what I could.”

Hmmm…am I? Time for self evaluation.

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday: Blessings!



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