Crying during a television series? Sometimes I think I need to get a grip.

As you know, our family of three RARELY watched network television. We haven’t had cable in nine or more years, and the networks available in our area just don’t “do” anything for us. If there is a series we like, we don’t want to be caught in the “have to watch blah, blah, blah, on such-and-such a night. TV series on dvd has been our “go to” for that nine years. Taylor and I are currently in the middle of The Closer that she found in the bargain bin at Dollar General.

We’ve been watching it for a couple of weeks now, but the other night I had a “moment.” We were watching as this pre-menopausal (there’s a story to that) woman and her finance were having their announcement dinner with her parents. Her father quickly spoke up complaining the dude had not asked for his daughter’s hand. I lost it! What the heck? Taylor is not even dating anyone!

It hit me hard that responsibility is now mine. That sounds ridiculous, but Archie and I were very supportive of that tradition, Taylor knows that and is too, as she is an old fashioned young woman. There is some sort of peace in the idea of your hubby taking your possible son-in-law-to-be into the next room and, as your trusted other half, vets him for not only his intentions now but for the future good of your priceless daughter. There is also the responsibility of asking the right questions so you have peace that this man is a God fearing (father-in-law fearing, being an extra bonus), honest, trustworthy, and loyal man who will fight for the longevity of the institution of marriage and will keep it healthy. That is a HUGE responsibility that Archie was looking forward to, some day.

Seeing the tears streaming down my face, Taylor says,”Don’t worry about it. It isn’t going to be necessary.” For her, another dream died with her dad. The dark cloud returned.

In my time with my Heavenly Dad He gave me a peace about not always getting it right as I am walking through this life. You know that nasty fear of the inevitable mess up? Wisdom Hunters said,” Remember Christ doesn’t measure success in results, but in terms of faithful obedience.”

The Basic Instruction manual (Bible) speaks of Uzziah, a sixteen year old kid they made king. So much for going out with friends, prom, joining a high school sport, or even doing homework.  Think about it, childhood: POOF! Time to grow up and take responsibility for a nation. No pressure. Can you imagine the questions he had to ask to vet people who would work with him without trying to have him “taken out”  because he was a kid? What about the responsibilities to fill positions that would affect the care of his people for generations?  God definitely had a plan for the teen king and used him, as inexperienced and unprepared as he was to do amazing things. Reading on, what jumps out is that the Bible says he “feared the Lord” and his reign was 52 years!!! That’s a long time to hold any gig.

2 Chronicles 26:5b “As long as he sought the LORD, God gave him success.”

It’s a great read, especially how the story ended. This ultimately successful, inventive (seriously cool inventions), wealthy king has a twist you’d never expect as to his demise. Let’s just say, ego got “a head” of him. ;o).

Here I am complaining about a situation that isn’t even remotely in the near future. I need to chill! The message I am hearing is that with God leading and walking me through this, I cannot fail. As long as I seek Him, He will give me the questions/answers needed in His time. I may not be on MY personal chosen route, but it is getting me where I need to go in the time I need to get there.

What are you struggling with? Does it compare to a 16 year old making life and death decisions that affect a nation? Hmph…maybe I’d best keep things in perspective.

Until tomorrow: Blessings!



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