Comfort on the Horizon

I did the unthinkable: I drank Archie’s Dr Pepper 10.

Archie’s favorite pop/soda was Dr Pepper. When he decided to cut down on his carbs, he switched to Dr Pepper 10, which was advertised as a, “man’s drink.” He loved it, but cut all of that out when cancer was diagnosed. It’s been sitting in my cabinet since December. I haven’t had the heart to do anything with it.

That’s where my life has been a lot until now. I had his mouth medicine sitting pretty much exactly where he left it until after Taylor’s graduation in May. His clothes have been in tubs since my birthday, the same month. The only things that have really changed are the changes Taylor has made, but the Dr. Pepper 10?

Do you ever get a craving for something? That’s what happened. I was soooo thirsty, the kind that I could drink a gallon of water, but still feel parched. Have you ever experienced that? Pop/soda usually does the trick, but I don’t drink a lot of that, so I was completely out.

I went digging through the cabinets. “There has to be something in here!!!” Low and behold, over 9 month old Dr Pepper 10. Yikes! What to do, what to do?!?! Well…he’s not coming back.

I got out a glass and opened the last bottle in the cabinet. That stole my breath right there. I poured it into a cup and discovered: I do not like Dr Pepper 10 AT ALL. I offered it to Taylor and she did the squishy face because she doesn’t like it either. Hmph. I guess he was safe from ever thinking we’d drink his pop :).

This last week I went to work and our computers were down. I went out to help in production until the computers were available again. We were chatting and the subject of clothes from my loved ones came up. It was suggested, again, that we turn them into something of comfort. Teddy bears? Two hundred teddy bears is not of interest to me. That did remind me of the comforter my sister made of my mom’s clothes for my stepdad. That’s a thought.

I shared earlier that it is getting cooler. Taylor is wrapping up in a blanket nightly as we were trying to leave the furnace off as long as possible. I contacted my sister and asked if she could do, not only a quilt for me, but Taylor as well. That would make the nights warmer mentally as well as physically. She, generously and graciously, agreed.

Unfortunately, that meant round two of clothing.

You would have thought it was the first time I had gone through his clothes, as so many tear escaped. I have learned, though, that if I can’t handle something, Taylor struggles. When she would walk into the room the Fantasy Island,”Places everyone, Places!” went into effect. This was not her journey. She has enough struggles on her own path, she did not need to see her mother in a puddle yet again. Tears? Fine. Puddle? Absolutely not.

There were so many memories in those tubs. Happy, sad, laughing, gut wrenching pain, again. This time, however, there was a purpose. Last time it was a realization they were never going to be worn again. This time it was because I know they are going away but will come back to comfort my wonderful daughter and me. There was the peace.

What are you facing in your life that you don’t want to face but know that there is peace and comfort on the horizon? I’d love to hear from you.

Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Until tomorrow: Prayer and Blessings!




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  1. Well, I’m not particularly keen on the notion of labor, but the aftermath will certainly be well worth it! (And here’s hoping the recovery is easier than my previous c-section.) So I’d say there’s peace and comfort on the horizon in the aftermath of that for me. ^_^

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