Restless/restlessness/resting. I wrote of being restless and what that means…and then there is God.

How many of you have conversations with people and your mind wonders? Then they ask you a question and you are completely oblivious to what even the topic of conversation is. Stutter,”That’s a great question. What do you think?” (hoping that will enlighten you).

In my coffee time with God He was speaking to me and I was kinda in a different world. “Eh, time with “Dad,” coffee, check.” There is usually some sort of music that is connected but not always my style. I start meandering down the list on the side of the screen and am introduced to groups with whom I am unfamiliar (that’s always fun) and then I notice the time is getting away from me. I best check back in with “Dad” before heading out for the day.

Crap! I begin rereading what He had gone over with me and I only remember half of it. How dumb is that? I totally missed the meaning of that entire conversation with Him and God can see right past the stupid human ways of pretending we are completely focused on Him.

Thankfully, He is patient with me and I get my “focus on.” I hear what He has to say about when life seems like it is going through the motions or spinning out of control. He reminded me that is when my faith kicks in.

Genesis 28:16b  “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it.”

Even when I am restless about my impatience in waiting for the unknown, my heavenly Dad is on the other side of the curtain of uncertainty and is preparing the next step for me. If I try to impetuously push through the shroud, instead of waiting to see the beautiful scene He is preparing for me, I am going to walk into a “work zone,” and be even more overwhelmed with life (kinda like my house looks now–yikes!).

I am incredibly grateful I am not going through this life by myself. I am also thankful that my heavenly Dad is willing to repeat Himself when my attention is skewed. His patience helps me learn more of His love with each visit and is (hopefully-I am a bit hard headed) teaching me a more complete way to love others.

In my mental wanderings I came upon a video that totally reminded me of Archie a couple of years ago. It has an amazing 50’s diner, antique cars, the movie “Hairspray” type dancing in the background and sings of the change that took place in his walk with our heavenly Dad. Things were not this light before he went home, but I wanted to share this smile with you. It’s totally Archie!!!


May you have been set free from your chains. Until tomorrow: Blessings!

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