Seasons of Life

When I was a kid growing up my mom would talk about the “seasons of life.” She was always talking about “grown-ups.”

There was the new high school graduate, then college or career. They were going through different daily challenges than the newly weds who were trying to grow immune to each other’s oddities (that they once thought were “cute”). After were the young families(who we would babysit for) and the difficulties of balancing two full time jobs, toddlers and volunteer work. The next step seemed to be often the mom would choose to stay home as the family grew and the financial adjustment of one income. The dad’s salary always seemed to be able to cover, the mom would babysit or the dad would pick up a part-time job for a “season”. Next high school for the chillins and then the families would appear to form cliques, slightly different, as the teens divided into more focused events, thus the parents did as well.

Next season, the leaves changed color, along with the parent’s hair. The empty nest-ers always looked really old to me (yes, I laugh now), soon becoming the grandparents for their adult children who were well into the “seasons of life”.  The next step was when the empty nest-ers began taking care of their parents, ultimately becoming their parents.

I thought this was the path that everyone took. There would always be the exceptions to the “rule”, the career couple without children, the career guy or gal that would choose not to marry, the accident or disease that would throw off the “balance” of the “seasons of life” chart, but those were rare, and I wouldn’t even allow them into the “blueprint of life” in my head. Aaaaand….now there is me.

Have you ever seen the movie “Back to the Future Part 2”? Doc draws a diagram of an alternate universe running simultaneously with everyone else’s current reality. Bingo. This is not the movie I wanted to live out. A good ol’ Cinderella or a Disney flick would be nice.

Technically, Taylor has taken inventory. She informed me the other day that out of all of the Disney movies she thinks I am Merida from Brave, minus the red hair. Who do the people who know you best think you are? Seriously? Please comment after you’ve asked. I would have thought someone else, but after she explained herself, I guess I see it. So, if you see me riding a horse with my bow and arrow, I would suggest not messing with me ;).

I always thought of winter as the end of life, but my season of barrenness feels very winter-esc. Those around me, according to the mental chart, are just beginning to see the tips of their leaves change color. My alternate universe with the seasons out of wack, feels very real but without the DeLorean DMC for hope of my former life.

Truth: winter will pass and spring will come again.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

Some winters just last a very long time.

Until tomorrow: Blessings!



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