Three Things

Dead mower. ERRRRRRRRR! I was so frustrated! I had mowed (figure 8, figure 8, figure 8), did the water thing to clean out the deck, and now when I jump back on it to put it away…nothing. Seriously? Maybe it’s hot.

I wait half an hour, again, nothing. I lift the hood to make sure the heat isn’t being trapped in. Another hour goes by and nothing. I had to start mowing late as I had appointments after work each night so now it is 10:00. ugh. I HATE leaving things out, but I snag the key and call it a night (like anyone could steal a dead mower).

Going to sleep was even more of a challenge with this still weighing heavily. Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus was echoing in my head,”In order for an engine to work you need three things: fuel, spark, and air.” I was amazed they covered that in a cartoon. I even double checked the accuracy with the gentleman that fixed the mower a couple of weeks ago.

Before visiting dreamland, I made a mental list of where to find the informational book on the mower and places I could possibly get spark plugs and an air filter. When Archie and I had been married a short time I wanted to take classes and was intrigued with the small engine repair class. Let’s just say he was not on board. Hmmmm….bet he would be now!

This morning I went out in my work clothes (probably not a good idea as I work in an office :p) and puttered around it again, trying to start it to no avail. Lifting the hood, I thought maybe I could get a head start on the afternoon by looking for at least where the spark plugs were located. ERRRRR AGAIN! I was all over that thing and could not even find one spark plug! Now I was stuck until I find the book. Sigh.

I turned to walk away. ONE MORE TIME. I jumped on the thing, reread the starting directions, adjusted everything I could possibly think of and: prrrrrrrrrrrr. God is awesome.

With a wet heiny from the morning dew soaking the seat, I drove it back and put it away. I still think Miss Frizzle rocks.

With the three things still on replay: fuel, spark, and air, my mind went to my heavenly Dad’s 1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

I am unsure as to which is the most important out of fuel, spark, and air, but love is top of the charts for the Biblical three. Though my mower may not be perfect and is running on prayer (only the best 🙂 ) each time I get on it I will remember the love shown to me by my co-worker, Kathy, her hubby, Dennis, and my sister Tammy (figure 8, figure 8). God came a callin’ with skin on and he commented on my blog (who knew?!?!) through a short little thing with dark hair and blue eyes.

Until tomorrow: Blessings!




2 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. Sorry you had to go to work with a wet heiny (you crack me up!!!) but I’m glad it started! Always and forever here & praying for you & Taylor❤

    1. Just getting the hang of this replying thing, but the next time I need to sit on a towel on the way to work, I’ll think of you ;). Thanks you for the prayers we need them!

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