Part 1 of the 2 Parter–Is That a word?

I work often work with wholesale customer and crafters who teach classes. One of the ladies sent me a link to her designs and a stamp she used caught my eye. I quickly e-mailed it to myself and signed out at the end of the day.

When Taylor got home she said,”Mom I heard the neatest saying…” It was the exact phrase on the stamped image:

“Live the life you’ve imagined.”

She completely caught me off guard. I have probably seen that sentence before, but never really pondered it much. TODAY it hit me and then the “wow!” factor was reiterated by Taylor. How weird is that? It’s God weird.

I shared with you yesterday that He tends to repeat Himself when my immaturity over takes my brain. I almost feel like He is saying,”What? Do you think I stuttered? I explained every thing in exactness and with precision. Why do you not understand?” But…He doesn’t talk down to me, the way I feel like I deserve to be spoken to. No, he always speaks with clarity and love. I’ll admit, I am usually thinking about something else so I am not paying my full attention.

Question for friends: What lesson do you know our heavenly Dad is trying to teach you?

This is a two parter. I’m posting this at night and finishing my rabbit trail in the morning.

C U SOON–blessings!

Good morning!

One thought on “Part 1 of the 2 Parter–Is That a word?

  1. Well I am sorry to say there are several lessons he is trying to teach me. But there is one that I feel I am catching on…
    Be quiet and listen….
    I am doing more of the quiet time and BAM!!!! I can hear him more …
    Blessings to you… and thanks again for sharing

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