Party Time–No, Seriously

Mayberry Continued!

Do you remember me telling you about the NY Mayberry? I received a special thank you e-mail from our “Mayberry” residents with an added note: “Just to let you know: All our friends were waiting for us on our porch with food, balloons, etc. They threw us a welcome back party!”

When was the last time YOU threw someone a “welcome home” party? Wait, make that threw ANYONE (other than your children, spouse, or parents) ANY kind of party?!?! Me? I can’t even remember.

Life has been so full! When Taylor was in school there was band competitions every Saturday. At least once a week they wanted us to come to the school and build sets for the band or help drag the sets onto the marching area. “The kids need to get used to placement and timing.”

Then Taylor graduated from high school. We thought we’d have sooo much time, or not. Work made more demands and the house needed remodeled to meet the changing needs of the family. No time for friends or relationships–we’d have time for that later.

What time does “later” start? I think we missed the memo on that one.

My question is: how do I find “Mayberry” were I live? Must I move? Does Mayberry come from within? Is there an online service, like dating, only to find the “match” for my dream neighborhood? How do I apply? I’d probably end up on a deserted island. Oh wait, that wouldn’t be too bad!

Phooey, now I’m just dreaming again. If I am, don’t wake me up until the good part is over, you know, after the cake and coffee has been served at the “Welcome Home!” party.

Did we ever finish talking about when was the last time you threw your party? So when are you? Who for? What’s stopping you? Do you have something against cake? I think cookies would be ok, too, so no worries.

I’m a little gabby tonight aren’t I? I just got home from Grief Share. We talked about four out of the six goals of healing. The leader turned to me and said,” Tracy, you’ve come along way from spring.” Wow, about cried right there, but then I’d kinda resemble the Tracy from spring again, huh? I still cry everyday, but now they are tears of healing. I haven’t left Archie behind, I’m just choosing not to drag him. I’m keeping the “good stuff” and am dealing with the rest, one “next right thing” at a time.

Tomorrow’s another day. Instead of remembering/making excuses why you CAN’T have a party, CREATE reasons to CELEBRATE (have a PARTY!!!) I’ll start: “Happy Friday!” Party, “Happy Friday Eve” Party, “MAGNIFICENT Monday” Party, “Celebrate Your Stapler Day!” You get the drift?

Your turn!!! Please comment reasons, crazy or not, to have a party. Make sure if this would be your last day on this earth, you would go out with confetti–poppers are AMAZING!

Challenge #2: Comment who you are going to have your party for and why (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone 😉 ). It will be an encouragement for us all.

Romans 15:2 “Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.”

Until tomorrow: Blessings!

2 thoughts on “Party Time–No, Seriously

  1. What a great story to remind us all how short of time we have with one another, friends and family…we should be having parties everyday. Party mode!!!! Have a small or not so small celebration… You don’t have to have cake and balloons… Smile and cup of coffee is always good. Thanks for the reminder
    God bless🙏🙏❤️❤️

  2. Happy “Just Because” Party! Happy “Halfway Through September” Party! Happy “Payday” Day! Happy “I’m not as sore and tired this morning as I was last night” Day! 😀
    I know I’m WAY behind on planning a certain someone’s 2yr birthday party (oops), but there’s one party I know I’ll be planning! XD
    Thank you for the ongoing encouragement and uplifting perspective. Love ya Aunt Tracy!!! ^_^

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