Old Movies Lost in Reality

If you could live in any movie or TV show at this very moment, where would you take up residence?

Mine? Swiss Family Robinson.

Taylor called me from work one day when she and I had lunch at the same time. “Mom, didn’t you say you liked the movie Swiss Family Robinson?” Yes.

At Wakarusa Elementary School twice a year, before Christmas break and school ended for the year, they would take all of the tables out of the cafeteria, set up little orange chairs in long rows (we did not have an auditorium), and watch movies like The Swiss Family Robinson and The Apple Dumpling Gang. We LOVED those days of the reel to reels. Right in the middle of a sentence the sound would stop, the screen flash white, and you’d hear the film slapping the lens. The lights would blind us, as they had to turn them on to put on the next reel (no windows), and we’d wait FOREVER, at least 4 minutesfor the room to go black (the crowd cheering), our eyes adjusting to the darkness, then bright light as the next film began. Good, no, GREAT memories.

This was also the time of Gilligan’s Island, so being shipwrecked/marooned on a deserted island looked like a lot of fun. Radios out of coconuts, houses either on stilts or bamboo posts, cooking over open fires, sleeping in a hammock and, on the Swiss Family Robinson, having your closest family working by your side with the same goal in mind: survival.

Taylor explained that a TV series came into The Depot, staring Richard Thomas, John Boy from the Waltons (another of my favorites). We don’t watch TV, only dvds, so when when we find used dvd’s that have meaning, we snatch them up! She bought them for me and brought them home.

The next time she was out with friends I had a “me” date with the Robinson family. You know what the best part of them living on that island, other than all of their amazing inventions and close knit family? No poison ivy or grass to mow.

Alas, life is not so simple or full of adventure. Granted, being kidnapped by savages or shot at by pirates is not on my top 100,000 list of dreams, but each night they could watch the sunset on the beach over a campfire with the ones they loved. No overtime or required road trips, for work, to divide the family. Kinda dreamy, if you know what I mean. They worked the land, in turn the land fed them and gave shelter. They worshiped and praised together. More dreams.

Proverbs 15:16-17 “16 A simple life in the Fear-of-God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches. 17 Better a bread crust shared in love than a slab of prime rib served in hate.”

Then reality, it was a movie and/or TV series. Tonight I mowed for the second time (all the while muttering “figure eight, figure eight, figure eight”–thank you Tammy), after going to work, cleaning part of the house (not as much as I’d like) and putting away tools from trimming out the hallway. Taylor’s work was robbed over the weekend, so she worked long hours, ran to the grocery store and fed the pups. The added duties require longer hours with expanded individual responsibilities. We’re adjusting.

Proverbs 15:19 “The path of lazy people is overgrown with briers; the diligent walk down a smooth road.”

Hopefully I’m keeping the briers down, but our road is anything but smooth. Wait…maybe that means it qualifies as an adventure! Mmmm…maybe not ;).

Until tomorrow: blessings!




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