The Turn-Around

Do you remember me saying that I was to focus, ultimately pray, for Taylor and the people surrounding me? Today the tables were turned.

I admitted I am struggling right now. Negative “tapes” are playing through my head. I have to do the “next right thing,” get up and go to work. I love my job, it’s just getting there is the challenge.

Today there was a tour, like many other days of the week. This was a special tour, however, because it happened to be this woman’s birthday. How special is that? :D. My boss’s birthday was two weeks ago so this lady had made a beautiful card to give to her, including a decorative envelope.

I saved, “The best for last,” on this tour, waiting until the very end for them to enter the Art/Craft Room where the Blogs are filmed, to meet Emma Lou. First I introduced them to the card kit area and they were surprised by how much work goes into each piece. Then the shipping area, they met Pam and talked “shop.”

Off to stamp making with a fun story from Levi about his brilliant grandson. Martha was all smiles as we chatted about stamp quality and ended the conversation with excellent restaurants to celebrate a birthday. Art Room Time!!!

It is wonderful focusing on people: finding out for what they are passionate, looking at their pictures, hearing about their ministries and how their cards or scrapbooks touch the lives of those in their communities. I adore seeing the supportive husband who beams as his wife,”ooooow”s and “ahhhhhh”s.

This couple go to and teach at church, visit with a widow every Friday, as she and her hubby were close friends, so they take her out to eat then back to her house for games, take meals to a widower because they know he doesn’t cook for himself, make birthday cards for every single person in the church, visit their four children on a regular basis, and on and on and on. We could probably safely nominate them for sainthood.

They visited with us for about four hours, longer than most, not as long as others. When they were getting ready to leave the gentlemen turned and looked directly at me and said,”Can we pray for all of you?” Emma Lou said,”Yes!” and he began thanking our creator for Heartfelt and our out-reach. He asked for blessings for us and then turn the conversation with my Heavenly Dad…towards me.

They had been told about my “situation” and he poored out his/their heart, on my behalf. I was humbled. My face leaked.

1 Timothey 2:1 “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people,”

I did not for see this coming, but am grateful, none the less. With hugs and many thanks, they were off to finish celebrating a life worth living: 27 yrs old, and holding.

Until tomorrow: Blessings


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