More than I Could Dream

More than we can dream. That’s what my Heavenly Dad was laying out for me this morning. If you were in my shoes what would you think?

The bottom line: He is asking, “Do you trust me?”

To save the world? 100%. To provide for my daily needs? Completely. But to give me more than I could dream? Um…well… . “Did you NOT see the dreams that just came crashing down around me?”

In the middle of His message today He spoke of completely loosing heart in the wait: “Listen to my cry, for I am in desperate need.”Psalm 142:6 That one I “get.” The example was of a woman who always wanted to get married and did, at the age of 46. Archie’s funeral was on our 27 wedding anniversary and I was 45. Wow. That blew me away to think she started her love story the year after mine finished. Saying I had lost heart, is an accurate description.

He went on to speak of hope in the wait. I am to rely on His dreams for me, instead of the dreams I have concocted out of my limited pool of experiences. I’ve written before on how you may say that vanilla ice cream is the very best flavor of all time but that is only because you were never introduced to (insert your favorite flavor here) mint chocolate mocha. Once the introduction has been made, your ice cream world opens up to the heavens and you hear angels sing! Ok, so that might be taking it a step too far. Maybe not :S.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,” Ephesians 3:20.

There was a woman who had a nice reliable car. It wasn’t anything snazzy. It was beige, compact, reliable, and her life was fine. She didn’t want a “fine” life. She wanted excitement! She wanted to turn heads and roar her engine at stop signs (not hum when coming to a complete stop)!

She bought herself a little red sports car, her “dream!” She felt she was on top of the world when she was in that car, until it broke down. Then it broke down again. Did I mention it had problems breaking down?

She had all the freedom in the world with her beige, reliable, compact car, but now with her “dream” in hand, her life was anything but an adventure. She didn’t own the car, the car owned her life. When the car did work, she never had money to do anything because she was either going into another car repair or coming out of one. She realized her dream was a nightmare in disguise.

She now has the same make and model of her original car, but a different color, and says she will never have anything else. She has the freedom for adventure as her car carries her anywhere she wants to go. She realized the dream wasn’t the car, the car was just the means to get her to her dreams.

When it comes to dreams, I’ve been in a low spot for a while, trying not to focus on the pit I feel like I am in, but the sunshine overhead. At night when the sun goes down and the shadows wash over me, the cold emptiness surrounds and steals my hope and I feel like I will never dream again. I cannot see the sun or feel it’s warmth, but I know it’s there, on the other side of the world, shining for someone else who needs it. The sun will come back. I just need to wait until morning. There is my hope and trust.

As for the dreams, I don’t even know where to start, so I won’t. I think I’ll just close my eyes, take a step and feel/experience what is directly in front of me. Is my foot landing on a hard smooth surface like a slab of slate, soft and sinkable as sand, sticky and gooey like hair gel, lumpy and sharp like a driveway, cool and breezy like a lawn fit to be mowed? I wouldn’t even think about these sensations had I not taken my focus off of everything else around me.

My Father has a carefully mapped plan for me. If I open my eyes I may get scared and retreat, never being in the moment that I have currently been blessed, or attaining the dream He has for me, the one that is “More than I could dream.”

My morning sunshine comes through Wisdom Hunters for my time with my Heavenly Dad. I hope you have will find the sunshine for your journey today.

Until tomorrow: Blessings!





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  1. Through time and terrible trial you have gained wisdom beyond your years. Thank you for continuing to share your heart with us- it means more than you know, as you encourage and inspire people in many ways and in all walks of life. Blessings and prayers <3

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