Everyone grows up with some sort of belief system, even if they believe there is nothing to believe in. We choose to accept those teachings or follow a different path.

I was raised strict baptist and am grateful for the foundation and the example of a close walk with my Heavenly Dad. I cannot doubt He is real because He carried my mom daily when she had no strength of her own. When you are a small child and you see an adult so empty, there is fear. She never wavered in her faith and kept her instructional book close at hand and in her heart, helping us to memorize scripture.

She was a self taught pianist and when she was very low you would find her playing quiet melodies. When music was discussed, I remember any sort of rock was “heathen” music. A Sunday school teacher was talking about rock concerts and how “they” pack the auditoriums for secular music but “wouldn’t do that for Jesus.”

Attached to my daily dose with my Heavenly Dad was a link to a rock’n praise and worship concert. The house was packed and the audience was jumping up and down singing of endless praise. Time warp!!!

With my mom’s music there was a quiet peace and assurance. With the concert witnessed, there was energy and momentum, quite different from my upbringing. I grew up trying to figure out if it was sinful to have energy after listening to music about my Heavenly Father and why.

The audience did not have to attend a concert to sing praises to  the Creator of All, I am sure there were other things available in which to participate. They choose to be with individuals that had like belief systems and/or people who wanted to know about their personal relationship with “Dad.” If they could close their eyes and feel like the they were praising the One who gave them life and breath, with all they are, not caring what anyone else thought or trying to impress anyone, why would that be a sin?

Judges 5:3 “Hear, O you kings; give ear, O you princes; I, even I, will sing to the LORD; I will sing praise to the LORD God of Israel.”
2 Samuel 22:50 “Therefore I will give thanks to you, O LORD, among the heathen, and I will sing praises to your name.”
1 Chronicles 29:13 “Now therefore, our God, we thank you, and praise your glorious name.”
Psalms 35:18  “I will give you thanks in the great congregation: I will praise you among much people.”
Hmm. In the instructional book it didn’t say how to praise, sing, or thank Him, just that we do it. I think the same rings true of grief.
I guess this means, if you ever hear or see me rock’n out, I’m probably just mentally hanging out with my Heavenly Dad. The grief is still there, He’s just pushing me forward.
Until Monday: Blessings!




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