Time Machine

It’s lunch time at work. I love my job. A weird thing just happened: I received an order from a company, “URGENT! Must fill order by this weekend to make consolidated shipment!” I bustled and got the order entered. I then notice, at the very bottom it reads, “Shipment to leave on the 26th.” Since today is is the following week, that is not possible.

I ask Cindy,”Do we have a time machine somewhere that I don’t know about?” Seconds later I shot back,”If we do, I’m taking it back to February.”

I gasp. My face leaks.

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Unseen Battles

What are your mornings like? I go to bed late, hopefully late enough to fall a sleep within about 20 minutes, but it’s extremely rare when/if I don’t wake up before the alarm clock, 5.5-6 hrs later. I get myself ready, make coffee (of course 🙂 ) and the first thing on my agenda is to shut up and listen to what my Heavenly Dad has to say. The “shut up” is because, like any child, I have a tendency to anticipate what He’s going to say and I try to come up with an educated answer BEFORE the question is asked.

I need to shut up.

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