When the going gets tough, SPIT IN HIS EYE!

How many times have you heard people say,”Do as I say, NOT as I do?” What happens when they actually do what you say and you’re not happy with that either?

Yesterday I was talking about giant paperweights and Goldie, what I didn’t tell you was about Taylor and my conversation ABOUT Goldie…and her other cars in the past that were consistently breaking down. When they break down, Taylor instantly bottoms out (I joke that she needs to marry a mechanic for the sake of peace of mind–just kidding!). Even when Archie and I were paying her bills in high school she HATED asking to borrow a car, as then Arch and I would car pool. Then after HS graduation we picked up the tab for about a year then she’s been responsible for the last two years. We’d help with tires, oil changes, towing and things like that.

She’s had A LOT of breakdowns and the fear of bottoming out her bank account and relying on other people for transportation INSTANTLY puts her in a funk. I don’t blame her.

After our weekend of cleaning out the shed, we had a backseat full of items to donate to The Depot. Monday she had loaded them into Goldie and were leaving home a little early as she was dropping me off, or so she thought.

As you know, Goldie turned over, no problem, then refused to move out of park. Taylor’s face and shoulder’s dropped. “NOT AGAIN!” We move into the van, leaving the donations in the back seat, as now she was going to be squeaking the time clock. Off we went, her shoulder’s still scraping the floor.

This was kinda our conversation. Me,”You ok?” Taylor,”WHY does this ALWAYS happen?” Me,”I think it’s because when good things are going on in your life Satan says,’Hmmm, how can I get Taylor to instantly bottom out? HER CAR!’ He knows that is a HUGE point of weakness for you so SPIT IN HIS EYE!!! Have you EVER not gotten to where you needed to go?” Taylor, “No.” Has God EVER NOT provided for your car repairs?” Taylor,”No.”

Don’t you hate motherly advice (technically, I wish I still had mine around to ask for some, but again, I digress)?

Ok, so I wish I could say we went on to drink cappuccinos, eat bon bons, and everything in the world was bliss, but…yea…no. We both went to work AND arrived on time. That is important to both of us.

That night we were working on the continuation of shed distribution (this was another area Arch had said,”It’ll be ok until spring,” Ugh, squirrels had gotten in and chewed through plastic shelving, wooden pieces and urinated on all of our plastic tubs. Yeah. It was a stinky, stinky, grimy, disgusting Saturday). I was talking to Taylor about how lost I was feeling as people don’t know what to say to us, so they do not invite us to events that we had previously gone to. Let’s face it, Archie was the entertainer. I was his assistant and moral support. Frankly, I was just sharing my heart with my kid.

What comes out of her mouth? Taylor,”Mom, this is Satan. You need to spit in his eye. This is your weak spot and you always get down about it.” Seriously? I shot back,”You KNOW you’re not suppose to use my words against me, don’t you?” Grin. She was right.  I needed that. She grinned. That kid is waaaay past where I was when I was her age. She is teachable.

Matthew 16:23 “But he turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a hindrance to me. For you are not setting your mind on the things of God, but on the things of man.”

Taylor said when she had gotten to work later that day several things fell nicely into place. She realized it WAS Satan and he didn’t want the donations at The Depot (Christian non-profit organization). He wanted her to have a bad attitude and loose her testimony. She didn’t. Our heavenly Dad had her back, again.

She’s awesome! So is our heavenly Dad!!!


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  1. That’s a great reminder of how satan trys to break us down. He has many tricks in his bag. Stay strong and fight.
    Many blessings

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