One bad month…

What do you do when you are scared? Do you hide? Fight? Reason out the best defense? Pretend whatever is scaring you doesn’t exist? Run?

I do a little bit of them all.

Last month was an interesting month, and I came out a bit in the red. I don’t like red. Red is scary.

My first reaction is to figure out where we are leaking and plug the holes. Then I actually started panic mode and went into reasoning out my future as if this one month was the first step on a downhill slide. Mentally I began abandoning ship, assessing my assets and assigning values. The “lifeboat” theory: if ship were going to sink and I could only take a few items on board the lifeboat, what would I save?

Ok, reality check: I invested a little in the house to finish two of the MANY projects that were left “until next year,” had an unexpected vehicle repair, and invested in education. So, this really wasn’t a normal month and I can and will make adjustments. We all have months like this, only I use to have my other half. If I were freakn’ he’d calm me and if he were freakn’, I’d calm him. As long as one of us was ok, we both knew we were going to be ok. That’s just the way it worked. Now, nothing works the way it used to.

As this situation was unfolding the seminar came to mind. Then, if that weren’t enough, Pastor Dave said almost the exact same thing on Sunday (paraphrasing here):

DJ: Whatever your difficult situation, it takes about ten seconds to change. You need to change your attitude toward the situation.

Pastor Dave: God may or may not change your circumstances but he may change you in the circumstance.

Do you think my Heavenly Dad is trying to tell me something? If I would return to the days of youth, a rebellious teenager, I might snap back with,”Stop nagging!” to my heavenly Dad…only I wouldn’t talk to him like that, of course.

Tim 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

Fear, yes, that is what had it’s grip on me. As Taylor and I were cleaning out the shed this last weekend we were talking about various subjects and housing. Taylor admitted that in her mind she was trying to think of the future in terms of “if she could afford it now.” We had a lengthy conversation about leaving the “God factor” out of our lives. That means we try to figure everything out BUT…we leave out the “God Factor.”

Stop and think about that. Which would YOU rather do: Go about your very planned out future and hope all goes well, or let go and let God lead you, allowing Him to pick up the tab for every adventure, even house where He has called you to be?

Bottom line: Who has the deeper pockets? Your heavenly Dad or or you? You decide.


Our love to all: Blessings!

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  1. Very well said… I have just been reading and studying ” sowing seeds and reaping the rewards”….. I have to have patience, and know that my Heavenly Father will lead me in right direction.
    Many blessings to you, and thanks again for sharing

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