Priceless Lessons

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.July first Fridays, we love them! I’ve written about them before, but one event that happened last year, happened again this year and my brain continues to revisit it. How about if I just purge it out in writing, and maybe, just maybe it will GO AWAY!

Last year Archie, Taylor and I were downtown Goshen from almost the start of the Cruise-in. We had our iced coffee in hand and positioned ourselves across from the courthouse, as that is the best backdrop for old cars (our opinion only). We were watching the parade of antiquities and enjoying each red light to examine the mighty machines, individually. Near the end of the parade one of the cars, who was stopped at a stop light, decided he was going to “burn rubber” and oh, did he! Foot on the brake and petal to the metal! The rubber burned and the smoke fogged the entire block–along with the hideous smell. The three of us cringed knowing that if his brakes gave way, people were going to die. Period.

This year, again at the end of the parade, one hot rod decided to burn rubber. Taylor and I again cringed, but this time Taylor was rolling her eyes, as well. “He must have money along with the rubber to burn,” she said, or something like that.

Arch and I had always purchase a new set of tires for Taylor’s car(s).  I think over the years that has added up to about 4 sets of tires. This last  black Friday she announced she was buying her own set of tires, which set her back about $500.00.

On the day Taylor graduated from college, we got a call, just before we left for home, that two of her tires were flat. Thankfully, on the advice of her mechanic dad, Lee, we do have AAA and didn’t have to have anyone get dirty or injured on her day of graduation. We had the car towed. Unfortunately, there was also a nail in a third tire. Ugh. Needless to say, graduation was a little more expensive than she had imagined. Back to the car show:

With Taylor’s greater understanding of the value of tires and the cost there of, she was unable to comprehend why anyone would jeopardize not only the safety of those around them, but the the life of their tires, and the financial freedom associated with having a new set–they’re expensive!!! She kept shaking her head in disbelief.

A couple of verses do come to mind:

Proverbs 29:11 ” A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back.”

Proverbs 18:12 “Before destruction a man’s heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor.”

I look at the lessons Taylor has learned over the past several years–especially the last five months. She has had lessons that have cost her far more than all of her savings and with each instruction, a value was ascertained. The price for several are immeasurable. She has the gray hair to signify she has taken them to heart.

Today, as we were driving home she was analyzing her life, reiterating that she will never finish her master’s degree as the last two times she has graduated she has lost significant individuals in her life. She’s almost to the end of her list. She fears she cannot afford to loose anymore. “I don’t think I could handle it, Mom.” My response,”You wouldn’t have to. God would get you through it, just like He is with loosing Dad.” Taylor,” I know…. .”

Sucky lesson, but she…knows.

Do you?

Until another day: Blessings!



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