No More Presumptions

1 Timothy 4:12 “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”

Obviously, this verse isn’t referring to me… .

A little while ago I told you about learning to dance in singleness. This week was my first attempt.

With borrowing leggings that Taylor laid out for me, shoes she had purchase for me, her driving(do you see a theme…?), and we were off! It was actually really cool because the lesson took place in the school I attended kindergarten–it hasn’t been a school in well over a decade, but has been a therapy outlet, a church, a music lesson house, to name a few of it’s after-lives. Currently my understanding is that it is a church.

I did enjoy going into the deteriorating building and finding my old class room. The memory that sticks out the most to me was when the bus never picked me up for school. Mom thought we had somehow missed the bus, so, since it was winter, she bundled me up tight and off we drove. I still remember that I was suppose to bring in cookies that day, so I was toting one of those big yellow buckets that peanut butter came in, back in the 70’s. Mom didn’t purchase the whoosy little 18 oz jars of today! Back then they seemed to be gallon sized. You washed and reused the buckets. It was as good as Tupperware, back then.

Digressing…as usual: Mom got to me the school, but the parking lot was very empty. Since it was the side the buses dropped off, it made me feel like I was REALLY, REALLY late. I hoped out of the car and ran inside, down the quite hallway and threw open the heavy door to my room to…find it empty–except for a very surprised teacher! I RAN back to the doors to the outside, thru the first set, face pressed against the second…as my mom was pulling out the driveway! I was crying and calling for her when my teacher came up from behind me.

Thankfully, as my mom was passing the front of the school someone DID flag her down and she came back for me–there was a two hour delay. Back then you could only listen to the radio and I was the only one in the family going to this elementary school (overcrowding at the bigger elementary school). Oh, memories.

Now, the ceiling squares have fallen off, one room had black mold and was covered in plastic, but the linoleum was the original from when I attended. Somehow, at one time or another, they installed a pool in the gymnasium floor, but since have restored it, to the original, complete with the old stage on one end. AWESOME!

Before the tour, there was 40 minutes of tap dancing, without tap shoes. It was fun…and quiet :). It was just Taylor, the Dessinator, and Moi, well, and the teacher of course. She’s 19. Did I mention how old I am? Old. That’s ok, I like being old.

After about 40-45 minutes, Kristy, the teacher, explained that she usually liked to stop and have a short devotional–is that ok? She looked at the old lady…oh, wait, that’s me! grin πŸ™‚

I was/am completely cool with that. The hilarious thing was what she talked about lined up perfectly with other things God had been trying to get my attention on. As I am listening, I am grinning from ear to ear (maybe she thought dementia had abruptly set in). What kept running through my head was: she has no idea that she is God right now, with skin on! I heard his message loud and clear about wasting my energy instead of focusing on the big picture. She didn’t let her age intimidate her, nor did I use it as an excuse not to listen. We both were obedient to our heavenly Dad and blessed in very different ways: hers by getting out of God’s way and being His voice, mine by shutting up and listening to hear what He had to say. God is awesome.

So, my nugget for this event in my life is: Don’t judge anyone by what we THINK they may say based on their age, sex, or race. Open your heart and your ears and be prepared to hear God any time, any where, and from anyone.

Until we meet again: Blessings!

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