Someday Means Today


A day with my daughter, but I have this jumble-jamble of thoughts that I need to unload before I get started.

Have you ever tried talking to a running child? They hear part of what you say because they are running from room to room and their minds are going one million miles per hour. That’s the way my communication is with my heavenly Dad, in words and phrases at different times. When I sit and process THEN I realize all the tid-bits actually have one meaning. God just needs me to STOP long enough so He can explain what He’s been trying to say.

That is what God has been “talking” to me about. When I blog I nearly always use scripture. I love seeing what scriptures/letters my heavenly Dad has for whatever I am going thru, BUT, I need to grow…move forward, too. Coming clean here: I’ve been spotty with my one-on-one time with Him, not just “hanging out.” It’s like having a bff who is a counselor, so whenever you’re together you expect them to help you work through your whoa(s). Is my relationship going to grow stronger? I think not.

So it is with me and my heavenly Dad. Shame on me! It’s kinda funny because I realize I do the same with others. Oops.

How many blogs/fb posts/texts do I read from people? How many of those people do I actually make the time to sit down with over a cup of coffee, a cinnamon roll, or a meal? What about just a phone call? Sometimes distance is an enemy, but can also be an opportunity. You know, build relationships. I just think: I read about them, so they probably post everything that is worth knowing about, right?

I am soooo guilty. More than just presumptuous for me, my thing is, I still feel like everyone would rather be talking to Arch, or maybe they expect me to be to be focusing on what was instead of what IS. I cannot change my situation, but God has shown his love and provision for me more now than I ever saw in my life, previously.  My fault: I just failed to focus on what was important because I was wrapped up in dealing with the urgent.

The relationship was there for the taking, I kept walking by it thinking I’d make time for it, “someday.” Brakes on: Someday is here. FYI: the brakes suck.

In my alone time I really like an online devotional. Everyday they send me a verse with an application. It comes with a “tweet” and usually a video link (not always my style, but I appreciate the effort). Cool Beans. It’s been really easy lately just to ignore that instant e-mail–I’ll get to it later today. Then tomorrow comes, I realize this is my accountability, heavenly Dad nudging, but “I’m just going to do this one more thing…. .” and then the next day comes, now I’m two days, oops, make that three or four days behind on taking just 5 minutes alone for a chat. Seriously! How pathetic is that? I couldn’t imagine me ignoring Archie or Taylor like that EVER!! Either one of them text me and I wanted to respond RIGHT AWAY! God sends me one nugget–BY EMAIL–and I’m too busy?!!?

So, I’m doing better in that area, but with others…not so much. Pastor Dave was talking about what true friends are: your 600 miles away and you have trouble. What 3 people could you call to come and help you and KNOW they wouldn’t feel inconvenienced AND you wouldn’t feel awkward to call. Taylor and I just looked at each other. Let’s just say we have new topics of prayer added to our very long lists.

Hebrews 10:24-25 “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”

Wait! There’s more!

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

No, I’m not calling out anyone…but myself. I am not sure how to over the feeling of awkward everywhere I go, but according to this, I need to get over myself. Ouch.

Anyway, tis another day of discussion with my heavenly Dad, and YOU were the fly on the wall ;D.






3 thoughts on “Someday Means Today

  1. Interesting message. You are always inspiring me to do more with myself. I think about you both alot. Will always keep you in my prayers. Hope to see you soon.

  2. I read your message every morning, I get my coffee sit down with quiet and read. I get a new inspiration every day, it is a wonderful teaching. I love the scriptures I try to apply them in my own life.
    Thanks again for giving us an open window to your daily life.
    Prayers and many blessings

  3. What? How did you know so much about my life? Thanks for pointing out the inconsistencies. I needed to hear that.

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