Guided Steps in the Rear View Mirror

If you track you life, can you see the hands of God guiding your steps to the very threshold where you currently are in life?

In the last two days I have met two individuals who meet that criteria:

I had a tour today where one of the ladies was a special education teacher. She was standing to the side as the rest of the ladies were either exploring the art room or gleaning tips from Emma Lou for future craft projects. I tend to gravitate to those who are not engaged.

When asked a question she, out of instinct, signed the answer while speaking. I asked how she became interested in teaching special needs:

Her dad was a special ed school bus driver. When she was a small child (when it was allowed) she would ride with her dad on the days his route had school and her school was closed. The only little girl that wasn’t severely handicapped was a little Amish girl who was deaf. She sat beside her and they drew pictures together.

She went home and thought about it. She decided she needed to learn to communicate for the next time she rode with her dad. She went to the school library and found a book on signing. She taught herself the alphabet and a few other words. The next opportunity came and she was ready! Only…the little girl had moved away.

Years later she and her friends became the “wall” between the high school kids on their bus and a couple of elementary kids the school district decided to place on their bus for the efficiency of  transportation. One of the little girls was deaf. Since this teenager remembered her alphabet, the little girl would hand her the spelling words for the week and she would help her study. The little girl taught her additional words.

As a sophomore she knew what she wanted to do in life: be an accountant! Her high school scheduled two study halls for her, however, and she was bored out of her mind. A friend, who helped with the special ed class suggested that, since she like helping people, maybe she could spend at least one study hall helping them.

She was given responsibilities and surpassed expectations. The teacher suggested she go for teaching and recommended a certain path for scholarships. Over 75 percent of her college expenses were covered and now she adores and beams about her job.

The second is Taylor. She came home today and said the same thing. The people she works with, as they are volunteers, were regulars when she worked in food service in Goshen. The cash register, opening and closing procedures, are similar to Dutch Maid Bakery, where she worked for 3 years. During a Christmas break she worked at Goodwill, so sorting, and stocking come second nature. The managing side, comes from college marketing and management classes where they had to write papers and do presentations–3 consistent years–a lot of hands on.

At Heartfelt she learned there really are places out there that love you when you have done nothing to earn it. She had never experienced that before and is fearful she never will again. She has learned to offer that love to others, without expectation or strings attached. I think that was one of the greatest lessons learned.

She said,”Wow, mom, it’s like all of my jobs, and college, prepared me for this job.” She loves it and says the time goes really fast. Her ten hour days feel like they just get going and it is time to go home. I think she has found her niche.

I remember when she was little she loved “checking Grandma Susie out” on her toy cash register (we have pictures). She also visited the retirement home when Grandpa Gary preached and he and Grandma Susie sang duets. Grandma had her talk to the residents and they just loved “that little girl.”

Now the majority of the volunteers she will be working with, and helping to train on the cash register, are well into retirement. It’s like everything good in her past is actually coming together for her post college employment. She had volunteered there for over a year and when they approached her about the position, she never even knew they were hiring!

Psalm 37:5 “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.”

Taylor was really tired of trying to figure things out. Let’s face it, nothing had gone according to her plan over the last year. She let go, and let God, and now she’s just going to show up, walk through the doors he opens and trying not to get in His way.

Me? I’m going to sit back, shut up, watch,  learn, and grow in my relationship with my heavenly Dad, grateful for His mercy on/with Taylor.

Until tomorrow: Blessings!


2 thoughts on “Guided Steps in the Rear View Mirror

  1. It’s so hard for most of us just to be the willing vessels – to “let go and let God”. We like control too much – until God makes it apparent that He is the one in control. So excited for Taylor – and so great she has learned that lesson so young! Much love to you both. Keep on “letting go”!

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